Baghdad blast
Baghdad blastReuters

Update: 9:51 p.m. IST -- The Islamic State group, or ISIS, claimed responsibility for the attack at Tayaran Square that killed at least seven people and injured 27 others, Al Jazeera reported.

ISIS claimed responsibility in an online statement. It further said its militants were behind a suicide bombing at a soccer game in Iskandariya Friday. At least 26 people people were killed in the attack. 

Update: 12.56 p.m. IST -- At least three people were killed and 27 injured when a suicide bomber attacked a group of civilians in Baghdad Tuesday, a police official told Reuters

The explosion took place in Tayaran Square, where workers were gathered. The site is 1 km away from a protest sit-in launched by Shi'ite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr near the Green Zone. Al-Sadr demanded that technocrats replace Iraqi politicians and Shia militias be incorporated into Defence and interior ministries, Al Jazeera reported. 

His supporters had put up tents and mattresses around the area. 

No group has claimed responsibility for the attack. 

Original Story -- At least one person was killed and nine injured in a blast in central Baghdad Tuesday, the Jerusalem Post reported. 

The Iraqi police confirmed to Reuters that a blast had occurred, but did not provide information on the casualties. 

The blast took place near a gathering of workers in the crowded Bab Sharji commercial district, local media reports said, according to Reuters. 

The blast Tuesday comes on the heels of a blast at a football stadium, while a game was underway. More than 30 people died in the suicide attack March 26, 2016. 

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