"The Blacklist" season 3 is all set to return after its long six-week hiatus. NBC last aired episode 8, "Kings of Highway", on 19 November, before it went on a midseason break and will air episode 9, "The Director" on 7 January, 2016. And if we have to go by the teasers of the upcoming midseason premiere, then it looks like The Cabal is at it to kill Liz aka Elizabeth Keen. While Agent Ressler is trying to keep her safe by locking her up at the FBI custody, Aram and Reddington are doing all that it takes to protect the former FBI agent. But will they all succeed?

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Last time, on "The Blacklist" season 3 midseason finale, we saw how Liz makes a deal with the highway kidnappers to rescue Red, but her plans go wrong and she ends up getting captured by the FBI. Another shocking thing that episode 9 featured was the death of Reven Wright, who was shot point blank by Laurel Hitchins. Reven had actually gone to Hitchins' house to ask about Solomon.

Now, the show returns with the second half of the season and the premiere episode will be a two-parter. "The next two episodes are about the Director. It's a two-parter. His plan is less about just her safety, and more about leveling the playing field. What the audience is going to see is we've been laying in these breadcrumbs over the past eight episodes," Jon Bokenkamp told Entertainment Weekly.

And the showrunners have also very clearly hinted that Liz's life will be in great danger as The Cabal is after her and will do anything to kill her. They also teased that adamant Ressler thinks that FBI custody is the best bet to keep Liz safe, but that's not the case as she is now accessible to the director (who's with The Cabal).

Meanwhile, the episode will also see Red-Aram teaming up to take "bold measures" to save Liz. Apparently, Red has a plan set in his mind to fight against the Director and The Cabal and now, with Aram's help he will be able to pull it off.

Official synopsis of "The Director" reads: "Reddington and Aram resort to bold measures in hopes of guaranteeing Elizabeth Keen's safety as she awaits trial."

"The Blacklist" season 3 episode 9, titled "The Director Pt.1", will be aired on NBC on 7 January, at 9 pm.