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Malayalam actor Suresh Gopi.Suresh Gopi/Facebook

Mollywood Action King Suresh Gopi is contesting as a BJP candidate from the Thrissur constituency in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. Even though the chances of winning the election are pretty minimal, Suresh Gopi has already emerged as a star in the constituency; all credit goes to his cinematic speech during the election campaign. However, an unexpected move from Suresh Gopi is now racking up brutal trolls from social media users.

A few days back, while conducting the campaign, Suresh Gopi randomly visited a home and asked some food for lunch. The unexpected question from the reel life Superstar shocked the people in the home, but they managed to give a good meal for Suresh Gopi. When media asked Suresh Gopi about this, the Superstar revealed that he could not tolerate hunger, and his stomach will blow the siren when the clock ticks 1 pm.

"When I was in cinema too, I behaved like this. When I feel hungry, I will visit any home near the shooting and will ask for food," said Suresh Gopi.

The actor continued the same thing on the next day, and he visited another home, asking for lunch. This move from Suresh Gopi to capture the hearts of the voters has not gone well with social media users. Most of the people in social media are claiming that Suresh Gopi is doing these activities to show that he is very simple and humble.

Some other people argued that hunger is for everyone, and it is not applicable for Suresh Gopi. As per these people, Suresh Gopi's followers who accompany him during the election campaign are travelling without food, and it is during this time that the actor asks for food for neighbouring households without any hesitation.

Suresh Gopi trolled
Suresh Gopi trolled

In the meantime, a clip from the Mohanlal movie 'Bhoomiyile Raajakkanmaar' has also gone viral. In this movie, Mohanlal, who played the role of a crooked politician, can be seen asking for food from common people during the time of the election campaign. This film, which was released in 1987, primarily showcased the sinister tactics adopted by politicians to win elections. Interestingly, Suresh Gopi had also played a crucial role in this movie.

A couple of days back, Suresh Gopi had claimed that he is an elephant who will reach the Lok Sabha and will shake his tusks wildly. These remarks from Suresh Gopi had also received widespread criticisms from all corners.