Bitcoin 'scammer' pranked into dressing up as a raccoon, scavenge through bins. [Representational image]Creative Commons.

As difficult as grasping the concept of Bitcoin can be, the consequences of meddling with cryptocurrencies can sometimes be even more scarring. Take for example a Bitcoin 'scammer', who had to put on a raccoon suit and scavenge through bins, as his prospective victim was in a mood to prank him.

It all started when Neil Murphy, a Belfast resident, was sent a message asking him for a Bitcoin donation. Of course, Neil wasn't going to give up so easily. He decided to have a little fun of his own with this new 'scammer' friend he had acquired.

Neil could have asked the Egyptian scammer called Yousef to leave him alone, and could have also blocked him, but he chose to take a funnier path. He agreed to send Yousef 0.15 Bitcoin (£851) only other one condition – Yousef would have to dress up as a raccoon and go foraging through his neighbour's bins.

In a series of screenshots posted by Neil on his Facebook, Yousef was seen to be asking for about $100 (£70) worth of Bitcoin, to which Neil replied very convincingly that he cannot trust Yousef as he has been 'scammed' before.

"Last time I sent somebody the Bitcoin and he sent me a picture of him dressed as a badger instead of a racoon and he didn't even scavenge in a bin," Neil wrote to Yousef.

But instead of being warded off, Yousef seemed to be drawn in only further. "I'll wear the raccoon and send you a picture," he assured. "I also love raccoons very much and we have a farm that has a lot of them."

The screenshots showed Yousef sharing how he would need at least two days to get the outfit and take the required photos for the agreed upon transaction.

But Neil said: "Ok maybe you don't even need to buy a costume you could just put some white stripes on your face and you will look like an au natural raccoon."

To ensure the prank's success, Neil also went on to stress how essential the scavenging photos are. "Plus some striped black and white clothing. But the bin scavenging picture is absolutely essential. I cannot begin to stress to you how important it is."

At this point Yousef seemed a little suspicious, questioning why he had to do this, but Neil tackled it rather tactfully. He told Yousef if the photos aren't sent the deal is off and Yousef won't be getting any Bitcoin at all. This seemed to make Yousef comply to Neil's demands.

Yousef even sent Neil a selfie of his full on raccoon make up, but the prankster took it a notch further, asking Yousef to put on a shirt that would look more authentic. He also asked for the pictures to be taken at night.

Other instructions by Neil included asking Yousef to snarl at the camera to make the act seem even more authentic, and sure enough, every last bit of instruction was acted upon.

Multiple photos of tipping inside bins later, Yousef was informed that Neil won't be sending him any Bitcoins at all. And as expected – Yousef blocked Neil.