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Of all the ingenious tricks one could use to get a woman to sleep with him, this probably takes the first prize: a man from Rotorua, New Zealand, told a woman that he had been forced to drink poison and would die unless she performed certain sexual acts on him to help him sweat out the poison within the next 48 hours.

The man has now admitted that he not only tricked her but also blackmailed over emails. He pleaded guilty to using the threat to get into a sexual relationship Friday in the Rotorua District Court, according to a New Zealand Herald report.

As per the police summary of the facts, the man had turned up to the woman's home "red-faced and bent over holding his ribs" and told her somebody had beaten him up and forced him to drink a vial of poison.  

He brought up the whole sweat-it-out-within-48-hours issue, to which the woman suggested he go for a run. The man, however, insisted a run wouldn't work, and that she would have to help him sweat it out in a "particular way". He also claimed there was no antidote for the poison as the person who had beaten him up was flying overseas.

This was followed by emails from unknown addresses that seemed to verify his story. The emails apparently asked her to perform sexual acts on the man four times and have sexual intercourse with him thrice within the 48-hour time span he supposedly had left.

The woman only consented because she thought the man's life was in danger, but for the following 48 hours, the emails and threats continued, as she was told people she loved would be hurt if she didn't follow the instructions.

The threats stated if she didn't perform sexual acts on the man around three to seven times per day, or until he fell asleep, semi-naked photos of her would be leaked online. The conditions also included allowing the man to film the activities on his phone – in return for which she was promised a car and a large sum of money.

The woman began to suspect it was the man himself blackmailing her via emails when she noticed the similarities in spelling mistakes. The emails also referred to him by a nickname that only he used for himself. She also noticed that the only person to benefit from it all was himself.

But when she eventually confronted him, the man denied any knowledge of the emails and even grabbed her arm and twisted it behind her, knocking her to the ground.

Upon realizing that the threats weren't going to stop, the woman confided in a friend, who asked her to take the matter to the police. It hasn't been revealed if the man and the woman knew each other prior to the incident, but the police reports suggest they were acquainted beforehand.

The man, who never appeared before the court previously, is now awaiting sentencing, which is due May 25.