Bipasha Basu has had a controversial love life. Be it her relationship with John Abraham or her ugly breakup with him. Bipasha has garnered the attention for all the wrong reasons. This happened when in 2007 Bipasha Basu had been to Lisbon when she met famous football player Christiano Ronaldo and both were spotted locking lips.

The same picture went viral on the internet hours later when the London based tabloid has the picture on the front page, an outraged Bipasha struggled to control the damage but was quite late.

Bipasha Basu
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"All the joy of that meeting my favorite footballer has evaporated", furious Bipasha was quoted as saying. Bipasha also lashed out at the media, "For God's sake that photograph just cannot be taken seriously! Is that how newspapers define a lip-lock? I'm horrified. Suddenly because of that photograph, I'm internationally famous. But do I want fame at this cost?

Bipasha Basu and Ronaldo kiss
Bipasha Basu and Ronaldo kissYoutube screenshot

Bipasha also denied kissing the football player, " The photograph is not doctored, obviously, somebody clicked it on his cellphone, but we were just dancing in a crowded disco. This is not a kiss, I just cannot say that I was drunk and don't know when and how this happened. Ronaldo had leaned over to say something in my ear, and the camera caught him at an inappropriate moment".That's what this is. 

John Abraham & Bipasha Basu part ways

Bipasha Basu and John Abraham
Bipasha Basu and John AbrahamReuters

The more they spoke about being in love, the more they were open about breaking the news of their breakup to the media. 

Both John and Bipasha talked to the media about their much-publicized break-up. While the reason for them parting ways still remains unclear, speculations of infidelity and commitment issues kept cropping up.

While Bipasha had said that their break-up was not amicable, John had given a different version on a talk show and had said, "When we broke up, we spoke about it like two very mature individuals and realized that we were not on the same plane."