Biopic on Ranu Mondal
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Internet sensation, Ranu Mondal became an overnight star after a video of her singing one of Lata Mangeshkar's songs went viral. Now, a biopic on the lady is also being planned.

Ranu, who used to sing on railway platform of Kolkata, became a known face post a video of her singing got massively shared on social media. Her popularity went so high that Himesh Reshammiya recently recorded a song with her for his latest movie.

While her life witnessed a 360 degree turn in a quick span of time, one Bengali film-maker is now planning to make a movie on her journey from railway platform to Bollywood. Hrishikesh Mondal has confirmed that he is working upon the project.

He has even approached national award winning actress Sudipta Chakraborty to play the lead role in Ranu's biopic. However, she is yet to accept the offer.

"Yes, I have been offered the film. However, I am yet to receive a script. I will decide if I want to play the character only after reading the script," Sudipta told IANS.

Talking about the movie, Hrishikesh said that the film will also showcase the power of social media as the credit to Ranu's popularity primarily goes to it.

Sudipta Chakraborty
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"People are curious to know about Ranu Mandol's life. She became a singing sensation overnight thanks to social media, so people are very interested to know more about her. Also, the film will highlight the power of social media in the present times, which has turned roadside singer Ranu into a star," he said.

Some reports claimed that Ranu will also have a special appearance in the film. While shooting of the film is likely to commence this October, the movie is expected to hit the screens in February 2020.