BigHit Entertainment founder Bang Shi Hyuk  has praised BTS members
BigHit Entertainment founder Bang Shi Hyuk has praised BTS membersBTS

BigHit Entertainment founder and CEO Bang Shi Hyuk has opened up about BTS' journey from a rookie band to a world famous K-Pop group.

The 45-year-old musician said that social media interactions did not play a vital role in their success. According to him, the hard work and dedication of each of the members helped them in becoming popular.

"Many people ask me what the secret to BTS' success is. Some have said it's communication through social media, but that's not all there is to it," the lyricist cum composer said on the latest episode of a documentary show called Good Instinct.

Recollecting his first meeting with RM and his teammates, Shi Hyuk said that they never had any plans to become "international artists". He just thought of asking them to do something meaningful.

"When I first met the members, the goal wasn't for them to become international artists. It hadn't been long since they'd come to Seoul, and our company also wasn't in the mainstream. I just thought that I could make something meaningful together with these guys," he revealed.

The musician also said that he always wanted the young Korean heartthrobs to do something that could "influence" people. He wanted them to "share the sounds of their inner selves". However, their first album received "some criticisms" because of its concept.

"Although there were some criticisms then that it was an old-fashioned school concept, a lot of the members were students at the time, and it was a natural result," he added.

Shi Hyuk then described BTS as a complete combination of dance, music and good looks. "I think of idols as a package that includes everything including looks, performances, music videos, high-quality music, and more."

"There are a lot of artists who put on great performances, and a lot of artists who produce excellent music. But there are no artists who consistently show all of these things. So, we're trying to consistently show high-quality content," he added.

The record producer also praised RM and his team members for their hard work and dedication. "When we start working on an album, the members stop all their activities and focus on their practice. That becomes their official activities," he said.