Anchor Suma with Jr NTR on Bigg Boss
Anchor Suma with Jr NTR on Bigg BossHotstar Video

This week five contestants were nominated for elimination at Bigg Boss Telugu house. 

As he began the show, host Jr NTR said, "This week five contestants have been nominated for elimination. Your votes have already decided who among Navdeep, Diksha Panth, Prince, Archana and Mumaith Khan should walk out of the house this weekend."

Many viewers were upset with the elimination of Dhanraj and Kathi Karthika last week and had alleged the Bigg Boss Telugu was scripted. Before starting his show, Jr NTR went clarified on voting process and eviction. "Whoever gets

"Whoever gets more number of votes will continue to stay inside the house. The contestant, who gets fewer votes, will be eliminated from the show."

Four participants were nominated in the last week and we had received 1,95,60,000 votes. Siva Balji had got majority of votes, while Archana bagged second highest count last week. Dhanraj and Kathi Karthika had got fewer votes. Hence, they were shown doors last weekend," added the actor-turned-host.

Meanwhile, Jr NTR made it clear Bigg Boss Telugu is not staged. "This week, we have got over 2 crore votes and their auditing is done through a big company. There is no cheating or magic in the process. Bigg Boss, Me and the show always obey your orders,"

Then he headed to see the developments inside the house on Friday. The house witnessed the arrival of anchor Suma. Suma told Tarak that her job is at stake due to his wonderful hosting skills. Jr NTR replied that she is his inspiration and guru.

Talking about his hosting skills, Suma said, "Best part of your anchoring is that you are being yourself. Important aspect for an anchor is attitude and you are happily being yourself. You are wonderful host."

Bigg Boss Telugu
Bigg Boss TeluguHotstar Video

As usual, there were some fun activities inside the house and amidst these activities Jr NTR announced that Navdeep and Prince were safe. Diksha Panth, Prince, Archana and Mumaith Khan are now in danger zone. Jr NTR said he would reveal the name of the participant to be evicted on Sunday.