Himaja Reddy falls to Ali Reza's feet
Himaja Reddy falls to Ali Reza's feetScreenshot of hotstar video

Bigg Boss Telugu 3 contestant Himaja Reddy broke down and fell to the feet of Ali Reza after she kicked him on his face in defence. The audience said that she was not at fault and she should not have apologised.

Bigg Boss Telugu 3 house witnessed another high drama during the captaincy task on Wednesday. Himaja Reddy, who is playing a lawyer as a part of the task, went to the kitchen to drink water. But Ali Reza told her that she has to pay Rs 100 for water. But she forcible drank water and ran away saying basic wants like water are kept for free inside the house.

After some time, Ali Reza forcibly put his hand into Himaja Reddy's pocket and tried to take out money from her. While he doing this, he forced her against the sofa. She tried to defend and escape from him. But she ended up kicking on his face, which made him angry and gets into a heated argument with her.

At one point, Ali Reza got so angry that he went ahead to raised his hand to slap Himaja. But Tamanna tried to protect her and cool them down. However, their fight did not end there. Himaja kept saying that she did not intentionally kick him, but it was a defensive move. When he did not accept her explanation, she said sorry to him. This did not calm him down.

Himaja Reddy fighting with Ali Reza
Himaja Reddy fighting with Ali RezaScreenshot of hotstar video

Adding fuel to their fight was Rahul's funny remark, which made Himaja burst into tears and fall to Ali's feet. This scene was really heartbreaking for the audience. While this whole drama was taking place, all the housemates except Tamanna remained the mute spectators, which upset the viewers further.

After watching this episode of Bigg Boss Telugu 3, many viewers took to Twitter to condemn Ali's behaviour. They said that Ali should not have put his hand in a girl's pocket. If he found Himaja at fault, he should have taken the help of other female housemates. Secondly, he overacted, when it comes to her kicking him. Thirdly, other housemates should have stood by her, but they remained dumb spectators.

Here is how the audience reacted on the high drama that took place inside the Bigg Boss Telugu 3 house:

Shamini.M.R @Not_A_Shammer

#Himaja's reacted to #AliReza's action. There are bound to be physical contact in tasks but #AliReza INTENTIONALLY put his hands into #Himaja's pocket. That was wrong! She acted in defense. In fact, she should have kicked him in his balls. Ali is at fault. #BiggBossTelugu3 #AliReza put his hands into #Himaja's pants pocket. Rest of the housemates kept mum. #RahulSipligunj & #RohiniNoni proved how stupid they are.#TamannaSimhadri stood up! #Himaja needn't apologise but she did. #AliReza should have apologised but he didn't. #BiggBossTelugu3

BiggBoss Review @BiggBosReviews

Listen Carefully #Ali: Water Bottle Kavala..#Himaja: Na Bottle evaro Kottesinattu unnaru.. Then #Ali Takes her Bottle from sofa... How Cheap #Alireza, #Himaja Bottle Dachesi malli Amene 100Rs Aduguthunnadu, Siggundali Nee thappu ni Vere vallapai Veyadaniki #BiggBossTelugu3

veerendra.pilla @veerendrapilla

Ali's behavior is wrong. If #vritikA is in #himaja place, will ali have a dare to touch her? What vritika will do in such case? No wrong in hitting ali in this case.. #BiggBossTelugu3

Murali @murli_reticent

#BiggBossTelugu3 #ali crossed his limits with #himaja School lo pilladila behave cestunadu fists raise cestoo, worst till date. Last time same tanish kaushal meeda ceste enta raccha jarigindo, sand task appudu!

TheBoyWonder @boi_thepink

#Himaja should have slapped Ali for touching her without her consent. #BiggBoss3Telugu #Himaja should have slapped him. Instead she apologized and idiots like Rohini were cornering her.

Kittuga @Kittuga1

Siggu undha BB contestants ki.. house lo Ali and Himaja fight jaruguthunte.... No one backed her.. no one took any stand... Now we confirm house made #Himaja alone in #BiggBossTelugu3 #Himaja issue unte #Ali overreacting to her in all the issues from Day 1 ... There is some #personalGrudge on her.. proved.. he is the one who told I will beat you #BiggBossTelugu3

Biggbosstelugu3 @Niladeesfying

Personally I don't believe that a boy should forgive a girl regardless of the situation. However, alireza have no right to put his hands in #himaja pockets. I fully support himaja in this situation eventhough I am not her fan.

Avika Cruz @avika_cruz

#BiggBossTelugu3 @iamnagarjuna Even after apologising. Ali created huge drama. He doesn't deserve #Himaja 's sorry. Infact he is the one who should apologise! All housemates behaved like idiots. Didn't expect Rohini giving lecture to Himaja What rubbish is this! Feeling bad for #Himaja Ali doesn't deserve sorry. Arey ek sau rupay ke liye wtf is he doin? Can't he wait until morning song gets over #BiggBossTelugu3 @iamnagarjuna

Mahesh D @maheshd3388

It was #Ali who did wrong and barked like a dog over #Himaja If he really wants to grab money from her pocket for what she did, why didn't he take help from his female team mates I really feel sorry for #Himaja #BiggBossTelugu3


Keeping his hand in a girl's pocket is unacceptable #alireza did the word thing here ! and @Himaja_actor hitting him with leg is an abbusive reaction ! #himaja should have concentrated more on ''na pocket lo cheyi pettadam thappu''rather says that na behaviour ah antha #Bigboss3

biggbosstelugu3 @biggbosstelugu9

#ali forcefully faught with #Himaja in previous situation as well. Why so much of disrespect for her?? For #ali's action #Himaja reacted but felt very sorry for her feelings. Meanwhile #rahul is a disgusting fellow. Because of his comments she had to kneel down to prove herself. #BiggBossTelugu3 @StarMaa

BiggBossTelugu3 @TeluguBiggBoss3

Today, I support #Himaja & #Sreemukhi #Ashu ki badulu #Ali ni dongala team lo unchithe game inka bagundedhi. Pedha manishi role #Varun sariga cheyaleka poyadu. #Police evarinaina jail lo pettochu. but only targeting Thieves #BiggBossTelugu3 @StarMaa @its_Himaja @MukhiSree

('◕‿◕´) ('◕‿◕´) @proud_2beIndian

HMs were watching scenario without trying to stop. After the incident some HMs went to #Himaja n started consoling her. Drama artists I would have appreciated them if they could have taken stand for her than consoling afterwards. Tamannah #BiggBossTelugu3 #biggbosstelugu3

Harom hari @Shannu27835704

WHO SHOULD BE ELIMINATED After seeing yesterday episode Only thamanna took stand firmly supporting #Himaja when ali took her personal matter #Vithika- Oscar performance Hiding money even #Varun saying -papam athani cheyyi n crying after that #BiggBossTelugu3