Punarnavi Bhupalam
Punarnavi BhupalamScreenshot of Star Maa video

Actress Punarnavi Bhupalam opted for paying a heavy price, by self-nominating for the elimination from Bigg Boss Telugu 3 with Bigg Boss ordering her to face eviction test every week throughout this season of the show.

Akkineni Nagarjuna was seen bidding goodbye to Jaffar Babu, a week after eliminating actress Hema. Bigg boss will kick-start the elimination process for the third week tonight. Star Maa tweeted a promo of this episode this morning and wrote, "#Punarnavi self nominating valla tanaki twist #BiggBossTelugu3 Today at 9:30 PM on @StarMaa."

The usual process for nomination for the elimination from Bigg Boss Telugu 3 is that big boss invites all the contestants one by one to the confession room and asks them to nominate others. The whole process happens behind the closed doors. But the latest promo shows that it is going to happen before everyone.

This time big boss provides read seal with the word nominated on it and he asks the contestants to put it on the face of the housemates who they want to nominate them for the eviction from Bigg Boss Telugu 3.

Punarnavi Bhupalam
Punarnavi BhupalamScreenshot of Star Maa video

In the promotional video, Punarnavi is seen stamping the seal on her own face, saying, "Big boss! I am self-nominating myself." Later turns to housemates and with an angry face and folded hands, she says, "Thank you so much," before storming out of the focus.

While she is busy doing this, Tamanna applauds her saying, "Good baby! Love you Punarnavi." The promo ends with big boss announcement, "You are directly nominated for the complete season."

Punarnavi has good fan following and the news about her direct nomination for the complete season 3 of Bigg Boss Telugu has come as a big shock to her fans. One the other hand, she has also earned some haters with her attitude issues on the show. This is how audience reacted to the promo.

Chandramouli @mouli8118

Good decision by big boss btw somebody told that she is going to torchure someone, looks like she's torchuring herself, karma is boomerang.✌️

BiggBossTelugu3 @TeluguBiggBoss3

2 weeks ke antha frustrate, impatience aa.. too much.. assalu inkeppudu sportiveness .. small world lanti pathithu maatalu cheppaku  anosaranga show ki Oppukoni thappu chesav #PunarnaviBhupalam .. vere vallakaina chance dorikedhi ga . ‍♂‍♂ #BiggBossTelugu3 good decision #BiggBoss .. #BP balupu anigipovali Entha issues unte matram.. Antha attitude aa maree..Ayina Self nominating enti.. moham pagagotte vaadu leka..

Anil @Begenuine13

May be warning..if she don't nominate other contestants


I think season motham nominate cheyadam wrong.. @PunarnaviB  #BiggBoss3Telugu Ha thamanna ki break icheddam broh.. chala lolli chesthundhi @StarMaa

Srirangaangajala @Srirangaangajal

I love you navi #PunarnaviBhupalam you and #varunsandesh are daring, loving, loyal, honest to your friends you both will go to finals for sure whether you directly nominated or not we fans vote for you both till finals don't worry and be strong love you both navi and varun   ❤️

Teja RRR @vishwatejakumar

Gopaaa pani chesaru lea...self nominate cheskunteaaa...Inka votes vestharu ane anukutunava???....

PkVkSam @PkVkSam

Now start #PunarnaviArmy to get sympathy like #KArmy #BiggBoss3Telugu

♡Arshi Stuck♡✨• @YouMeRabbaVe

Hahaha     expected something like this

Srikanth Ragavendra @SrikanthRagave2

BIG BOSS is doing use less....candidate must have option to self nominate to prove themselves among other participants if others think any individual is staying by luck. Big bos must revoke this entire season nomination


Super waste candidate just hiding behind her friend

Sameeksha @Maahii_way

Hehe.. these promos can be misleading. Emayyindo telidu kaani pogarubothu ki manchi lesson nerpaadu BB Athi cheste inthe mari