Nutan Naidu Bigg Boss Telugu 2
Nutan Naidu is expected to return on Bigg Boss Telugu 2 show in today's episode. He was hurt during a previous task.Google

Nutan Naidu, who was hurt on Bigg Boss Telugu 2 show after his shoulder dislocation, is likely to return inside the house in today's episode. Nutan had left the show after his shoulder was dislocated during Kaushal-Roll Rida's captaincy task.

Nutan Naidu, who is termed as the 'common man' on the show, was eliminated at the very beginning itself. However, the chances of him making a reentry is soon on the cards.

Amidst a huge buzz, Nutan was given a re-entry chance in Bigg Boss Telugu 2 along with Shyamala. Nutan had campaigned heavily to vote for his reentry.

However, soon after he reentered the Bigg Boss Telugu 2 house, Nutan had been hurt physically a couple of times. He was even allowed to sit idle in one of the luxury budget tasks due to his injury.

Nutan Naidu appeared well later. His efforts to help out his friend Kaushal in the captain task landed him in a trouble. Nutan was taken to the hospital immediately and everyone was under the impression that he will not return on the show.

Neither the makers nor the host Nani had an explanation to announce if Nutan was still on the show or not. It is rumoured that he might appear on the show in today's episode.

There was no clarity on Nutan's nominations result when the other contestants were saved and Deepti Sunaina got eliminated. When Geetha Madhuri raised the question on the same issue, Nani had skipped answering the question

On the other hand, it appears like the housemates opine that it is not a fair game to bring in wildcard entries.

Roll Rida, Tanish, and others claim that wildcard contestants are coming with a slight knowledge of what's happening inside the house, which is not a fair to them.