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After Saturday's episode of Bigg Boss Telugu 2, Nani was slammed for his hosting skills. The general opinion on social media was that Nani was biased in the house.

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The Bigg Boss Telugu 2 followers are not quite happy with Nani's warning to Kaushal regarding his behaviour with the rest of the housemates.

Nani, the host of Bigg Boss Telugu 2, schools the housemates every week, and he is seen instructing them how to behave and how not to.

When the housemates of Bigg Boss Telugu 2 cross their limits or break the rules of Bigg Boss Telugu 2, the audience expects Nani to warn them., which is not happening in a channelled way.

It is observed that Nani's conversation with the teammates is being one-sided. When the general audience expects him to consider a few aspects, he seems to fail to satisfy them.

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There were so many incidents when Nani's hosting appeared biased. When Babu Gogineni had planned against Kaushal and Geetha Madhuri, he was expected to warn Babu, which he failed to.

In the recent captaincy task, Roll Rida won over Kaushal and became Bigg Boss Telugu 2 captain. A section of the audience had a belief that Pooja Ramachandran was wrong in her decision, in judging the task.

It appeared like Kaushal had won the task but considering her own rules Pooja declared Roll Rida as the captain. Also, they had to build a pyramid, and Roll Rida's blocks did not appear like a pyramid.

Bigg Boss Telugu 2 Twitter Trend

Bigg Boss Telugu 2 followers had an expectation that Nani would address this issue, but in reverse, he appreciated Pooja Ramachandran.

In the call centre task, Deepti Sunaina's behaviour was so reckless that she appeared disgusting to the audience. There was a huge negativity after that task. Nani did not speak a word seriously. He just tried to convey it lightly, but never became serious on her.

There were times when Tanish's actions were ignored, which were worth-a-lecture by Nani. Geetha Madhuri drags the arguments and prolongs the discussions, which were to be addressed by Nani, and it never happened.

In addition to this, Kaushal was schooled by Nani for small-big reasons for a number of times. It is quite evident that Kaushal has been trying to be cool in Bigg Boss Telugu 2 house. But, Nani has been specifically trying to make it a point that Kaushal is being schooled for the smallest of the reasons.

So, Kaushal's fans and the common audience are in a belief that Nani is being biased. There are trends over Twitter, claiming that Nani is unfit for the hosting and also that he is being insecure of Kaushal.

On the other hand, a minor section of the audience believes that this is a part of the plan of the makers of Bigg Boss. The harder it becomes to a strong contender, the more the viewership increases is their formula, opine some people.

Bigg Boss Telugu 2 Twitter Trends