Bigg Boss Telugu 2 nominations live updates
The nominations for the upcoming eliminations are to be held today. Kaushal in the nominations already.Star Maa Twitter

Kaushal, Amit Tiwari, Deepthi Nallamothu, and Shyamala were nominated for the eviction from Nani's reality TV show Bigg Boss Telugu 2 in the 13th week.

Here are the live updates on the nomination for Bigg Boss Telugu 2 elimination in 13th week:

10.35 pm: Taking all the votes into consideration, Kaushal, Amit Tiwari, Deepthi Nallamothu, and Shyamala are in the nominations. Samrat is saved from being nominated. Geetha Madhuri, Tanish, Roll Rida, and Samrat are safe from the nominations this week.

10.25 pm: Roll Rida nominates Deepthi Nallamothu, Samrat, and Shyamala. He saves Amit Tiwari from the nominations. Tanish nominates Deepthi Nallamothu, Shyamala, and Amit Tiwari. He saves Samrat from the nominations.

10.15 pm: Kaushal nominates Amit Tiwari, Deepthi Nallamothu, and Shyamala. He gives his own reasons behind nominating them. Kaushal saves Samrat from the nominations. Shyamala nominates Deepthi Nallamothu, Amit Tiwari, and Samrat. Deephi Nallamothu nominates Shyamala, Tanish, and Sanrat. Amit Tiwari nominates Deepthi Nallamothu, Shyamala, and Samrat. Samrat nominates Deepthi Nallamothu, Shyamala, and Amit Tiwari. Geetha Madhuri nominates Amit Tiwari, Samrat, and Shyamala. She saves Deepthi Nallamothu.

10.13 pm: The nominations begin. Kaushal, Deepthi Nallamothu, Samrat, Shyamala, and Amit are already in the nominations this week. Geetha Madhuri, Tanish, and Roll Rida are in the safe zone. Bigg Boss explains that no one can save Kaushal from the nominations. Geetha Madhuri has gained immunity and hence she is not in the nominations.

10.07 pm: Geetha Madhuri is not at all convinced about Kaushal's statements. She is seen arguing with Samrat. The upcoming promo shows that the nominations have begun on Bigg Boss Telugu 2.

10.05 pm: Roll Rida mentions that he loves Amit Tiwari and hates Tanish and Shyamala. He mentions his own reasons behind his love/hate. Kaushal mentions that he loves Geetha Madhuri. The other housemates are seen pulling his legs. Kaushal states that he loves Geetha Madhuri for being herself. Kaushal mentions that he even hates Geetha Madhuri for her behaviour lately. He mentions that she had been targeting him personally.

10.02 pm: Samrat mentions that he loves Tanish and explains that he had been a huge support to him. in the whole journey of Bigg Boss Telugu 2. Samrat mentions that he hates Geetha Madhuri.

10.00 pm: Shyamala mentions that she loves Geetha Madhuri. Shyamala mentions that she hates Tanish. Deepthi Nallamothu mentions that she loves Geetha Madhuri and hates Samrat. She explains why she hates Samrat.

9.54 pm: Amit Tiwari mentions that he loves Roll Rida, as their wavelengths match. Amit mentions that he hates Kaushal. He mentions that Kaushal had ridiculed even the favors done by him. Tanish mentions that he loves Samrat. He becomes emotional when he tries to explain the reasons behind their bonding. Even Samrat gets emotional when Tanish talks about their relationship. He mentions that he hates Kaushal. He gives his own reasons explaining that Kaushal mentions that he is being alone on the show.

9.40 pm: Deepthi Nallamothu, Kaushal, and Samrat are seen having a fun conversation. Geetha Madhuri reads out the rules of the upcoming task. The housemates are to mention the name of the most loved person and the most hated person in Bigg Boss house as per the task.

Geetha Madhuri mentions that she loves Deepthi Nallamothu and hates Samrat. She gives her own reasons for opting those housemates.

9.38 pm: Kaushal is seen talking to Geetha Madhuri and he tries to clear off the disturbances between them. Geetha is not convinced. She narrates the same thing to Shyamala and Tanish. She appears confused about Kaushal's statements.

9.30 pm: Bigg boss Telugu 2 show begins off showing Kaushal prepping up to sleep on the floor, as Ganesh had dropped the big bomb on him before he left the house.

Deepthi Nallamothu, Roll Rida are seen discussing the elimination of Ganesh.

Geetha Madhuri, on the other hand, is seen having a conversation with Samrat and Deepthi Nallamothu about Bigg Boss Telugu 2 show.

The process for nominations of the upcoming eliminations is expected today in Bigg Boss Telugu 2 house. Kaushal Manda is already nominated. 

The weekend eliminations witnessed Ganesh and Nutan Naidu being evicted out of the show. The makers of Bigg Boss Telugu 2 had announced double evictions on the show for the first time this season.

As the show has arrived in its final stages now, we have to wait and watch who will get into the nominations today.

The contestants are present inside the house are Kaushal, Samrat, Roll Rida, Tanish, Amit Tiwari, Geetha Madhuri, Shyamla, and Deepthi Nallamothu.

The makers of Bigg Boss Telugu 2 claimed that the nominations are going to be carried on with 'Love and Hate' task today.

Bigg Boss Telugu 2 nominations live updates

As Kaushal Manda is already in the nominations, we have to wait and see which other contestants will accompany him. Geetha Madhuri had nominated Kaushal for the entire season of Bigg Boss Telugu 2 earlier.