Bigg Boss Telugu 2 nominations live updates
The nominations for upcoming eliminations begin today. Whom do you think will escape the nominations on Bigg Boss Telugu 2 this week?Star Maa Twitter

Four housemates like Pooja Ramachandran, Kaushal, Tanish and Deepthi have been nominated for the elimination from Nani's reality TV show Bigg Boss Telugu 2 in the 11th week.

Big boss had a unique process to for the nomination for the elimination from the Bigg Boss Telugu 2. He arranged a TV screen for each of housemates in a dark rook. Everyone was asked to nominate two inmates for the upcoming eviction. Each contestant has to switch off the TV of the contestants he/she nominates for the eliminations this week.

Here are the Bigg Boss Telugu 2 week 11 elimination live updates:

10.30 pm: The housemates are gathered at the activity areas to announce the nominations results. Pooja Ramachandran, Kaushal, Tanish, and Deepti are the housemates in the nominations for the upcoming eliminations.

10.19 pm: Roll Rida nominates Kaushal. He explains that Kaushal states a few things, which he dislikes. Roll also mentions Kaushal's contradiction in tasks. Roll Rida then nominates Deepthi. He opines that Deepti had behaved in a weird way after Nutan Naidu left the show because of his shoulder dislocation. Roll dislikes Deepti supporting Nutan Naidu to give an entry again. He feels it is an unfair game.

10.15 pm: Kaushal nominates Tanish as he opines that Tanish has been a caretaker of Deepti Sunaina all these days. He also mentions that Tanish was very partial about Deepthi Sunaina and tried to influence her game to date. Kaushal then nominates Samrat. Kaushal opines that Samrat was completely under Tejaswi Madivada's influence until she got eliminated. He also opines Samrat was taking things lately and is not sure of thing on Bigg Boss show.

10.13 pm: Amit Tiwari nominates Deepthi, as he feels she plays her game well but gets influenced by the other housemates. Amit then nominates Tanish. He explains to Bigg Boss that Tanish is a strong and inspiring competitor. But, of late, he has been passive on the show, as per Amit.

10.12 pm: Pooja Ramachandran nominates Ganesh as she feels he is still undeserving to compete for the Bigg Boss title Pooja nominates Shyamala as she feels there is a disturbance between them.

10.10 pm: Ganesh nominates Kaushal for he thinks he has no proper bonding with his despite his trials. Ganesh then nominates Pooja Ramachandran and his reasoning behind this is that she came to the house after almost half of the show got completed.

10.07 pm: Shyamala nominates Amit as she opines he avoids taking a stand allthrough the show. Him being passive is her reason behind nominating Amit. Shyamala nominates Pooja Ramachandran as she feels Pooja is being detached. Shyamala expresses that she has issues with Pooja from the time she gave a re-entry in Bigg Boss Telugu 2.

10.05 pm: Tanish nominates Pooja Ramachandran as he opines that she is being safe by avoiding the confrontation with Shyamala, despite having an issue with her. Tanish then nominates Deepthi and justifies his decision by explaining that he has been lost recently. He opines that she has become confused lately.

10.00 pm: Deepthi nominates Amit as he is one of the contenders who play the game in a safe position, as he escapes the nominations most of the times. The other contestant Deepti nominates next is Samrat. She justifies her decision and explains that Samrat has faced a lesser number of nominations.

9.58 pm: Geetha Madhuri nominates Kaushal. She mentions that Kaushal is influencing her game and she dislikes him being dominant in Bigg Boss Telugu 2. She tries to explain that he tries to rub his game plan on the other housemates as well. Geetha Madhuri then nominates Tanish and mentions that the reason behind that is him being bossy and dominating.

9.55 pm: Samrat is instructed about the procedure of the nominations. Samrat nominates Pooja Ramachandran as the first choice. Samrat mentions that Pooja is just concentrating on the tasks, and has no proper bonding in Bigg Boss Telugu 2 house. Samrat then nominates Kaushal and mentions that he is a strong competition for himself and that is the sole reason behind him nominating Kaushal.

9.45 pm: Bigg Boss Telugu 2 contestants are requested to come to the activity room for the nomination task. Samrat is called into space first and is requested to nominate any two housemates for the upcoming eliminations. He is asked to switch off the TV of the contestants he nominates for the eliminations this week.

9.40 pm: Geetha Madhuri, Shyamala, and Deepti start a conversation with each other. They start discussing their relationships in Bigg Boss Telugu 2. Deepthi and Shyamala express that Geetha Madhuri's relationship with Samrat. Geetha Madhuri defends herself by trying to explain that no one could replace her husband's place in her life, and she was not wrong in being close with Samrat, Tanish, and Roll Rida.

9.35 pm: Pooja Ramachandran and Amit Trivedi are seen having a fun conversation about smoking. Tanish explains his logic behind his smoking habit. Kaushal starts a conversation with Tanish and tries to build a bond with him by clearing off the air between them both. He requests Tanish and mentions that they both would fight together hereafter.

9.30 pm: The August 20th episode of Bigg Boss Telugu 2  starts off with Tanish missing Deepti Sunaina after her exit from the show. Geetha Madhuri is seen taking care of Samrat as he is a bit ill. Kaushal and Deepthi are seen having a conversation in the wash area. Kaushal and Deepti talk about the situations in Bigg Boss Telugu 2 and Deepthi expresses that she is craving to become the captain for one time in the upcoming days.

Just a day after Deepti Sunaina exited from Bigg Boss Telugu 2, it is now time for contestants to participate in the tasks related to upcoming nominations.

Being one of the biggest reality shows currently, Bigg Boss Telugu 2 has completed more than 70 days. As the show goes on, fans of Bigg Boss Telugu 2 are voting out the contestants one-by-one every week.

The previous week's nominations included Roll Rida, Pooja Ramachandran, and Deepti Sunaina. It was later revealed that Deepti Sunaina had to leave the show.

Kaushal Army 's played a role in eliminating Deepti Sunaina? 

This upcoming episode of Bigg Boss Telugu 2 will focus on the nominations. The promos of Bigg Boss Telugu 2 hinted that the nomination process will take place today.