Nutan Naidu
Nutan Naidu is shown the door in Nani-hosted Bigg Boss Telugu.PR Handout

Nutan Naidu has been praised by the Bigg Boss Telugu fans for the way he maintained dignity while leaving the house. Without bad mouthing the inmates, he left the house on a positive note.

He entered the house as a common man and managed to garner fans during his two-week stay in the house. His journey was a mixed bag as he not only had good experiences but also he had verbal fights with the inmates.

After being eliminated, Nutan Naidu told Nani that he was happy to be out of the show as he is meeting his family members again. He also sent his best wishes to Kaushal and Deepthi.

"I wish them all the best and they will have the god's blessings. One among the two should win," he stated. His gesture won appreciation from the host, who hugged him for his good nature.

Before leaving, Nutan was asked to name one contestant who will wash the utensils and he took Kaushal's name. "It gives enough time for him to think," he stated while pointing out that it gives time to form a strategy.

Nutan is the second commoner to leave the house after Sanjana in Bigg Boss Telugu 2.

How did people react to his elimination? Find it below:

Bigg Boss Telugu: #NutanNaidu just showed how to leave when you loose. He finally earned respect which he lost a bit when he is in the house. Well played. I hope #SanjanaAnne watched this episode !

Srikanth Choppara: #BiggBossTelugu2 How could people votes decide the fate of Nutan Naidu if the voting lines were closed on friday night. Dont you feel your Butterfly effect is a story when #NameisNani said it is the people who voted for Kaushal to stay after friday's episode.

Srikanth: Nutan directly told Kaushal is the right contestant to lead against all odds and made him spend time while cleaning to think more about the strategy's to play down opp enemy, super #KaushalArmy #BiggBossTelugu2 , even when Deepthi encourage dumb Ganesh, still Nutan Bless Deepthi

Rakesh: Not satisfied with second week elimination. #NuthanNaidu deserved place in the house than #Ganesh and I lost respect for #BabuGogineni because of his arrogance towards housemates. I quit watching it from now on. #BiggBossTelugu2.

Con_Bande: Nutan Naidu had a chance to take revenge on those who repeatedly humiliated him but he used it to appreciate the ones who made him feel comfortable. That deserves appreciation. #BiggBossTelugu2

Sandilya Ane Nenu: @NutanKNaidu garu meeru eliminate avvadam valla #Kaushal anna tho paru memu kuda chaala baadapadatunnam... Ur the true inspiring leader we need at this tym.. U have to achieve ur goals & should be an inspiring person in this society