Actor Nani on reality TV show Bigg Boss Telugu 2
Actor Nani on reality TV show Bigg Boss Telugu 2Twitter

Actor Nani, who is hosting Bigg Boss Telugu 2, was reportedly awkward when a group of the audience started chanting the name of Kaushal at the pre-release function of Shailaja Reddy Alludu on Sunday.

Many Kaushal fans are not happy with Nani's hosting skills and they have often trolled him on social media for taking classes to Kaushal in the house of Bigg Boss Telugu 2. He has ignored their abusive post as he considers them to be trolls. But he had the first direct taste of their anger at the recent event of Shailaja Reddy Alludu.

The makers of Shailaja Reddy Alludu held its pre-release event at Kotla Vijay Baskara Reddy indoor stadium Hyderabad on Sunday. Nani and Akkineni Nagarjuna, who are working together in Devadas, attended this function as chief guests.

Few people from Kaushal Army were also present on this occasion and they were chanting the name of Kaushal when the Bigg Boss Telugu 2 host started addressing the gathering.

However, Nani was reportedly awkward by this incident, but he managed not to show it on his face. He smiled, waved his hand at the crowd of Kaushal's fans and making them silent. Later, a fan of Kaushal with the handle @teenamanoja tweeted, "I really feel pity on will be so awkward..."

Another guy named Subbarao‏ tweeted a video and wrote, "That awkward moment when the crowd chant Kaushal Kaushal in an audio function, while Nani is speaking. The impact and the craze he created is UNBELIEVABLE. Safe to say Kaushal is a LEGEND and his following can never be compared. #BiggBossTelugu2 #BigBossTelugu2 #KaushalArmy."

It should be said here that Kaushal has got a large number of fans through his stint on Bigg Boss Telugu 2. The amount of support he is getting is nothing lesser than that of a superstar. But some of his fans have become a headache to fans of other contestants. A few called the Kaushal Army a paid group. Kaushal Army held a 2K walk on September 9 to show their strength and genuine love and support for him.