Kaushal is lauded for his patience levels during the phone call.

Kaushal Army Hyderabad, a fan group of Bigg Boss Telugu 2 contestant Kaushal, has planned to hold 2K run to show their strength. This event is likely to take place in Madhapur on September 9.

Kaushal has earned a massive amount of fans across the globe and most of them are organized under the group called Kaushal Army. They often show their strength in voting for elimination and trending their favourite housemates' name on the social media. Now, this fan club is taking their craze to a next level. They are set to hold a 2K run to show their strength in Hyderabad this weekend.

A Kaushal fan named Kranthi Chintu‏ tweeted a video and wrote, "Follow me @Kranthii_Chintu Guys here is some interesting news for #KaushalArmy about #2kwalkinhyderabad all are invited to this please follow, like, and retweet this let all know about this.. Let's make it big.. #BiggBossTelugu2 #BigBoss2Telugu #KaushalArmyDontSplitVotes"

In this video, the fan is seen announcing, "We are the admins of Kaushal Army Hyderabad and we are planning to hold for the 2K run. Initially, we announced to hold it in Annapurna Studios on September 9. We are facing a tough time due to legal issues. We are facing difficulties in getting permission from the police, the local minister, MLA and celebs. Hence, we are considering to change the location to Madhapur."

Kaushal Army Hyderabad
Kaushal Army HyderabadSnapshot of alo TV video

The fan added, "We have already processed the papers and successful in clearing certain legal formalities. Only one signature from the ACP office is remaining to get the permission for it. We are hoping to get it done by Thursday morning. We will announce the date and place at least one day before the event. We request you not to spread any negative information without confirmation."

A lot has been written and spoken about the existence of Kaushal Army. Some have called it a paid army, while others termed it a PR campaign. Now, this 2K run is a real test to prove that it is a true fans group. The success of this event will hold a testimony to Kaushal's popularity and the real strength of his army.