Wildcard contestant Pooja Ramachandran to give a tough competition to Bigg Boss Telugu 2 contestants
Bigg Boss Telugu 2 Wildcard contestant Pooja Ramachandran appears like a tough-master.

Bigg Boss Telugu 2 which ended on a high note had Pooja Ramachandran in the house for a short span of time. An actress and VJ by profession, Pooja Ramachandran got pretty famous with her appearance in the show. Here is what Pooja wants to do with her movies further.

Pooja Ramachandran has been in focusever since she appeared in the controversial show Bigg Boss. Now that Pooja has spoken on what she is aiming at, she is in the news again.

Having acted in Swami Ra Ra, Pooja Ramachandran was well-received by Telugu audience. After a couple of roles in the other movies as well, Pooja says she is all set to act in bold movies.

During a recent interaction with the media, Pooja Ramachandran shared a piece of interesting news. When quizzed on what kind of roles she is looking forward to, Pooja answered that she wants to appear in bold, impactful roles. We hope the makers are listening.

Pooja Ramachandran in Bigg Boss Telugu 2 house
Pooja Ramachandran in Bigg Boss Telugu 2 houseSnapshot of Hot Star video

Pooja Ramachandran drew attention after she appeared in Bigg Boss Telugu 2 with a wild card. She was welcomed by the team and was recognized as one of the stronger contestants.

Pooja Ramachandran neither won the title nor managed to make it to the finale of Bigg Boss Telugu 2. But, she definitely brought a competitive spirit in the Bigg Boss Telugu 2 house. She made her own mark in the game by giving tough competition and creating a sporting environment.

We certainly hope to see Pooja Ramachandran in an impactful role soon.