10.50 pm: Nani keeps the suspense on by not announcing the results of the weekend eliminations. He asks the audience and the housemates to wait until tomorrow to know who is to get eliminated from Bigg Boss Telugu 2.

10.44 pm: The question round is completed and Nani promises to play his upcoming movie Devdas's teaser.

As usual, a random caller is seen calling to Nani and the caller wants to talk to Kaushal. The caller conveys that Kaushal has a huge following outside the show.

Kaushal is seen getting emotional, as the caller conveys that he had an unimaginable following outside the house.

10.30 pm: The housemates are seen having fun when Nani asks the questions related to Ganesh. Nani then asks the questions related to Shyamala, Samrat, Kaushal, Tanish, and Geetha Madhuri. The other teammates are seen answering the questions.

10.20 pm: Nani mentions that Pooja Ramachandran had been performing at a low cost recently. A few questions are being asked about Pooja and the teammates answer those questions.

Then comes the turn of Nutan Naidu. Nani pulls Nutan Naidu's legs for being inconsistent on the show. Nani advises Nutan Naidu to play the game seriously hereafter, as he has got so much advantage.

10.18 pm: Amit is questioned about his take over the captaincy task. He was asked why he had supported Kaushal when all the other teammates supported Deepthi Nallamothu.

Amit is questioned about his stand as he had back-bitched about Kaushal after he helped him in the captaincy task recently.

A few questions were being asked about Amit, and the teammates are seen picking up their answers showing off the Yes/No board.

10.15 pm: Roll Rida is questioned about his captaincy and he picks Amit as the best teammate and Ganesh as the worst teammate.
Nani asks a few questions on Roll Rida. The housemates are seen picking up the Yes or No cards as their answers.

10.10 pm: Nani starts off with a small fun game with Yes Or No cards. Nani asks a few questions fro which the housemates are supposed to show their opinions showing off the Yes or No boards.

10.00 pm: Nani expresses that Ganesh has become arrogant on Bigg Boss Telugu 2 after he had become famous.

Moving on, Nani shifts his focus on Deepthi Nallamothu and tells her that he had requested Bigg Boss to give her captaincy back to her.

9.56 pm: Nani then targets Ganesh. Ganesh is questioned about him being careless about his health on Bigg Boss Telugu 2. Other contestants are seen complaining about Ganesh skipping the medicines he was advised by the doctors.

Ganesh defends himself against the allegations. Nani plays a clipping in which Ganesh is seen talking to himself against the Bigg Boss rules and housemates. Ganesh is seen taking off the batteries and venting out his frustration in the video clip. 

9.45 pm: Nani warns Geetha Madhuri for being overconfident on Bigg Boss Telugu 2 show. Nani tries to explain that Geetha Madhuri is being overconfident as she is not taking the show seriously.

Geetha Madhuri explains herself by having points against Kaushal. Nani tries to explain that her attitude has nothing to do with her relationship with Kaushal. Geetha Madhuri hits around the bush and only mentions about Kaushal.

9.40 pm: Tanish is seen arguing with Nani over and over again. Tanish is seen getting arrogant even during the argument with Nani. Kaushal interrupts and Nani warns him to play as per his rules, but not expect other to play as per his rules.

All the other housemates are seen getting warned for breaking the rules on bigg boss telugu 2.

9.30 pm: Nani starts a conversation with Bigg Boss Telugu 2 housemates. Nani questions Kaushal and Tanish of their quarrel.

Kaushal and Tanish explain themselves and Nani is seen trying to jot down the dots regarding the quarrel. Tanish and Kaushal argue over the same issue and Nani listens to their points.

Nani is seen as rather serious while talking to them about Bigg Boss Telugu 2 rules. Nani tries to explain to Tanish that he was taking things in a wrong way.

"You need to change your attitude in Bigg Boss Telugu 2 house. I feel you are taking the rules so lightly", Nani tells to Tanish.

9.25 pm: Kaushal goes to a camera in the corner and asks Bigg Boss to consider him as the next captain.

Pooja Ramachandran and Deepthi Nallamothu are seen having a conversation regarding the eliminations. As both of them are in the nominations, Pooja opines that she has a greater chance to get eliminated as all the other three are kind of strong.

9.20 pm: Deepthi Nallamothu is seen getting emotional. She is seen pleading Bigg Boss to consider that it was by mistake that the housemates had broken the rules.

Tanish drags the matter and has a discussion with the other teammates against Kaushal. All the other housemates are seen supporting Tanish and they all bitch against Kaushal.

9.10 pm: Tanish and Geetha Madhuri have a heated conversation over the same issue with Kaushal. Tanish gets serious over Kaushal's take over the issue. Kaushal argues that it is a wrong thing to break the rules in Bigg Boss house.

Tanish and Geetha Madhuri argue against Kaushal's stand over the issue of breaking the rules in Bigg Boss Telugu 2. Samrat comes up questioning Kaushal about him breaking the rules at times.

Tanish loses his temper and shouts at Kaushal. Geetha Madhuri and the other housemates are against Kaushal's questioning.

9.05 pm: Nani gets to the point and shifts his focus on Naa-nee tv. Ganesh is seen sleeping in the bigg boss telugu 2 house for a couple of times.

Captain Deepthi Nallamothu is seen talking and walking around without a mic. So, Bigg Boss warns Deepthi Nallamothu and announces that she is no more a captain in Bigg Boss Telugu 2 house as she could not get control over the housemates.

9.00 pm: Natural star Nani enters the Bigg Boss Telugu 2 show with style. The beginning of Bigg Boss Telugu 2 is kickstarted with Nani's energetic performance on the stage.

The host starts off with his usual moral story. Nani conveys that many lives are being lost because of the negligence of the citizens. Nani announces a helmet campaign and urges all the sisters to gift their brothers with helmets for this Rakshabandhan.

The weekend episode is here and the elimination time has come. With Kaushal, Tanish, Deepthi Nallamothu, and Pooja Ramachandran in the nominations, Nani is to announce the results of the weekend's eliminations.

Deepti Sunaina was shown the exit door in the eliminations last week. This week has strong contenders in the nominations, and hence there are huge speculations on the upcoming eliminations.

Bigg Boss Telugu 2 eliminations Live updates
Kaushal, Tanish, Deepthi Nallamothu, and Pooja Ramachandran are in the nominations this week. Nani is to announce the results of the eliminations in the weekend episodes.Star Maa Twitter

Kaushal, Tanish, Deepthi Nallamothu, and Pooja Ramachandran in the nominations, there is a huge tension over who would be dumped in the weekend eliminations.

While Kaushal has a huge following among the audience, it is expected that he might have received a huge support to be saved from the eliminations.

On the other hand, Deepthi Nallamothu has proved that she is capable of performing well in the tasks. Tanish and Pooja Ramachandran too, are strong contenders on Bigg Boss Telugu 2.

Bigg Boss Telugu 2 eliminations live updates