Julie aka Juliana
Bigg Boss Julie.Julie Twitter Account

Julie aka Juliana, who came to limelight with the first season of Bigg Boss Tamil, has come out with a video to express her disappointment with the people who are constantly abusing her online ever since she was out of the Kamal Haasan-hosted show.

"Why am I being constantly targeted and abused online? Don't you have sisters and will you use such language against them? What do you get from criticising me? Do you feel happy or peace from abusing me?" frustrated Julie question the people on Twitter.

She asks whether she has personally hurt anyone and wondered why people are slamming her for an incident that happened in a TV show two years ago. "What crime have I done apart from telling a lie in a show? I would like to know whether those questioning me have not said a single lie in their lives," Julie said, while asking people to learn how to talk to a girl.

Gayathri Raghuram, who was one of the contestants in Bigg Boss Tamil, extended her support and requested not to pay heed to such comments. "Julie give a police complaint n don't waste time on loosers. Be brave bold. Let them die seeing ur growth. Don't worry. God is there believe in god. They are cowards writing comments on Twitter most of them r psychotic ill brain b****these criminals need to be caught. #staystrong. [sic]" the choreographer tweeted.

Meanwhile, Julie has also given a clarification about the reports which claimed that she was involved in an altercation with cops along with her boyfriend. She claimed the news to be "fake" in another video. 

Julie entered the house as a commoner and was winning people's love before she parted with Gayathri to corner Oviya. She apparently told lies against Oviya in the show, which have continued to haunt her even today.