Bigg Boss Julie returns as Amman Thayee
A poster from Bigg Boss Tamil Julie's movie Amman Thayee.PR Handout

Julie aka Juliana from the first season of Bigg Boss Tamil is returning as a goddess in her debut movie titled Amman Thayee. The makers unveiled the teaser from the film on Wednesday, 19 September, and it was largely met with negative reviews.

In the teaser, Julie, who has signed two other movies like Dr Anitha MBBS and Uththami, is seen as an angry goddess holding a trident and sporting a blazing 'bindi' on her forehead. It clearly shows the movie to be a supernatural thriller.

Julie's Bigg Boss Tamil co-contestants like Gayathri and Arav have wished her all the best. However, the audience are apparently not willing to forget her antics during her stay in Bigg Boss Tamil as they have trolled the budding actress over the teaser and her look. Many have called the promo as a sub-standard clip.

Amman Thayee is jointly produced by Kesav Productions & RA Thamizhan Productions. Newcomer Anbu Saran plays the male lead in the flick written and directed by Mageshwaran and Chandrahasan. 

Premkumar Sivaperuman has composed the music and background score.

Julie, who came to limelight during Jallikattu movement by daringly criticising politicians, had entered the Bigg Boss Tamil 1 house as an underdog and won people's sympathy when celebrities targeted her. But the public started hating her once she started telling lies and ditched Oviyaa, who had come to her support when everyone had cornered her.

Although Julie has apologised for her mistake, people have continued to troll her. The people's response to the teaser can be seen below:

Audience's reaction to Bigg Boss Tamil Julie's Amman Thayee teaser
A screenshot of viewers' reaction to Amman Thayee teaser on YouTube.Screen shot
Bigg Boss Julie trolled over her Amman Thayee teaser
A screen shot of viewers' reaction to Amman Thayee teaser on YouTube.Screen shot