Bigg Boss Tamil 2 Winner - Riythvika
Riythvika wins the second season of Bigg Boss Tamil.PR Handout

There is a strong rumour doing rounds that the shooting of the grand finale of Bigg Boss Tamil 2 has been completed. Any guesses about the winner? Well, it is none other than Riythvika.  Just in: Riythika (Rithvika) defeats Aishwarya, Vijayalakshmi by huge margin

It does not come as a surprise as Riythvika had enjoyed a huge public support to win the second season of Bigg Boss Tamil 2. Apart from her, Janani Iyer, Aishwarya Dutta and Vijayalakshmi were in the grand finale, but it was Riythvika, who had the last laugh.

However, official confirmation on the winner will be known only on Sunday evening, 30 September. The finale of Bigg Boss Tamil 2 will be aired on Vijay TV at 8 pm and the TV channel has planned a grand four-hour package which will have contestants entertaining the audience with their performances.

Riythvika had won the viewers' hearts with her honesty, simplicity and straight-forward behaviour. She never got into fights with other contestants and remained calm even during the demanding situations in Kamal Haasan's show. 

However, her comment that 'Tamil ponnu' (Tamil girl) should win the season did the trick to some extent as people could relate to her. However, her critics often complained that she was playing a safe game and hid her true face in the reality show.

Not audience alone, celebrities too wishes to see Riythvika to emerge victorious. "I personally like viji. But Rithu had been there from the beginning hence she deserves it. [sic]" tweeted Kaajal, who had recently slammed the show after Yashika's elimination.