Bigg Boss Tamil 2 - Contestant No. 12 – Thadi Balaji
Thadi Balaji along with three others are in the danger zone after Mumtaz was announced safe.PR Handout

Mumtaz, who was expected to be out of Bigg Boss Tamil 2, has been announced safe this week on Bigg Boss Tamil 2. Apart from her, Ananth Vaidyanathan, Nithya Balaji, Ponnambalam and Balaji are facing elimination on Kamal Haasan-hosted show.

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However, International Business Times (India) had conducted a poll that saw a phenomenal response. The votes had shown that either Mumtaz or Thadi Balaji would be shown the door in Vijay TV's show.

Mumtaz had garnered the maximum percentage of votes for elimination from our readers, with 28.83 percent. Thadi Balaji did slightly better as 28.47 percentage of people want him to be evicted from the Kamal Haasan-hosted show.

With Mumtaz being announced safe, people are expecting Balaji to be out of the show on Sunday.

Ananth Vaidyanathan received 16.37 percent, Nithya Balaji 14.59 percent and Ponnambalam  11.74 percent of votes for elimination in Bigg Boss Tamil house from our readers.

Interestingly, despite lack of spirited shows in tasks, IBT viewers want Ananth and Ponnambalam to be in the show. The duo has not involved in inside politics of the house and has not had any major issues with any of the inmates.

Find the graph of voting below:

Bigg Boss Tamil 2 Eviction
Here is a graph that shows - who will be eliminated from Bigg Boss Tamil 2 house in third week.IBTimes India

In the first week, there was no elimination and in the second week, Mamathi Chari was shown the door.