Just like the rest of the country, Salman Khan's mother, Salma Khan has also been an ardent fan of Bigg Boss. Until, recently. Salma has now stopped watching the reality series completely. Salman Khan revealed that his mother Salma and Karan Johar's mother, Hiroo, both stopped watching the reality show from its 15th season.

Salman khan bb pc
Salman khan bb pc

Why doesn't Salma Khan watch BB anymore?

Delving behind the reason for the same, Salman said that the show got a bit "too much" for his mother who then chose to skip the entire season. Salman Khan will be back with Bigg Boss season 16 soon and many names have already started floating around. The first confirmed contestant of the show is - Tajikistan singer Abdu Rozik.

Salman Khan with first contestant

The celebrated line up

"I am very happy. I am excited to go inside the house. I love everyone and please support me," Abdu said at a recently held press event. Karan Patel, Tina Dutta, Shiv Thakre, Shalin Bhanot, Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia are some of the names that might come as contestant on the show. The show will start premiering from October 1.

The rules of the game this season are expected to take a turn as Bigg Boss himself would be playing the game. Salman also reacted to the reports of him getting paid 1000 crores for the reality show. He rubbished the reports and revealed that when ED and IT people come they find out the truth.

The exorbitant fee 

"All those reports about my fees are untrue. If I ever get paid Rs 1,000 crore, I would never work. But there will be a day when I will be paid this amount. If I get paid this amount I have so many other expenses like lawyers that I actually need them. My lawyers are no less than Salman Khan. My earnings are not even one-fourth of it. These reports are read by the income tax and ED departments too and then when they come and check, they find out what's the reality," he said.