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Peace has been lost in Bigg Boss Marathi 2 house as inmates have started getting physical and are literally hurting each other. During the weekly Chor Bazaar task, Shivani, who was playing the role of a police, kicked Veena in the chest in the fit of anger after dragging her on the ground with a rope.

Before kicking Veena, Shivani complained that Veena had puched her in the leg twice which triggered her anger. Later, she got into a heated argument with Kishori Shahane by taking out and throwing her clothes from her drawer despite being in the police team. She almost picked up fights with everyone in the opposite team. Shivani's unapologetic and unacceptable behaviour in the house had irked inmates who by then had started picking sides.

As the task got over, Bigg Boss told inmates that physically hurting each other is violation of rules in the house and warned everyone not to repeat such actions again in the future.

Later, Bigg Boss called Shivani and Veena the most undeserving contestants in the show and asked Shiv to send both of them into the jail. While Veena obeyed Bigg Boss' decision, Shivani refused to go inside the jail with Veena. She told Bigg Boss that she can't go inside the jail because of her health condition adding that Bigg Boss can punish her for being disrespectful towards his decision.

After a while, Bigg Boss gave both Shivani and Veena a chance to prove their innocence by announcing a court room task wherein both Shivani and Veena would get an advocate for themselves and Abhijeet Bichukale would be the judge for the matter.

As both Shivani and Veena narrated what had happened during the task, their respective advocates Vaishali Mhade and Parag Kanhere started defending them.

It remains to be seen how Mahesh Manjrekar would do justice to each contestant while confronting them in Weekend Cha Daav.