India is a country where atrocities against women are very high when compared to other developed nations. Even in the midst of this chaos, Bigg Boss Malayalam, a popular reality show in Kerala aired an episode where Rajith Kumar, the most popular contestant inside the house physically assaulted Reshma.

Rajith Kumar's mannerisms remind of psycho-villains in movies

The alleged incident took place during the 66th episode of Bigg Boss Malayalam. In the initial moments of the episode, contestants celebrated the birthday of Reshma. Later, Bigg Boss announced that contestants should take part in a high school task where contestants should act as students and teachers.

Rajith Kumar
Rajith Kumar in Bigg Boss MalayalamHotstar

Arya, Daya, Sujo and Fukru were teachers, while Rajith Kumar, Reshma, Abhirami, Amrutha, Shaji, and Alina were students. After the class, Fukru asked everyone to wish Reshma. Suddenly, Rajith Kumar came and applied the green chilly paste on Reshma's eyes.

A scared Reshma soon started crying, and she was later taken to the hospital. Before going to the hospital, Reshma was repeatedly calling Rajith Kumar a psycho.

It should be also noted that Reshma had recently returned to the house after cornea treatment and this act from Rajith Kumar might have added the salt to the already existing wound.

Bigg Boss soon called Rajith Kumar to the confession room and announced that he is temporarily out of the house. Rajith Kumar informed Bigg Boss that he applied chilli on Reshma's eyes to become the most naughty student inside the class.

Is the law obsolete?

Reshma crying in Bigg Boss MalayalamHotstar

Even though Bigg Boss is a reality show, and big games are being played here, violence against women should be strictly prohibited. Interestingly, we are living in a country where the censor board used to show tags like 'smoking causes cancer', 'violence against women is punishable' etc in movies. But the recent developments in the Bigg Boss Malayalam house proves that television channels have the prerogative to telecast what they want.

As per the Indian Penal Code, Rajith Kumar can be arrested under multifarious charges that include Sec 324, Sec 323, and Sec 325. As the show is taking place in Chennai, police can even take a suo moto case against Rajith Kumar, as the alleged incident has been seen by millions of people.

Earlier, evicted contestant Jazla Madasseri had alleged that Rajith Kumar is a man with weird sexual fantasies. She also claimed that Rajith Kumar had misbehaved during one of the tasks.