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A screengrab from Bigg Boss: Hotstar

Anoop Chandran, the evicted contestant from Bigg Boss Malayalam, claimed that Srinish has entered the finale of the show just because of his romantic affair with Pearle Maaney.

The 'Classmates' actor also shockingly revealed that Srinish had initially faked love towards Pearle to stay inside the house. Anoop made these remarks in an interview given to renowned journalist Sunitha Devadas who works independently for Asianet News.

"Srinish is a very weak contestant. He used to tell initially about his plans to replicate the Oviya-Aarav affair in the 2017 edition of Tamil Bigg Boss. He faked love towards Pearle. It is just because of this love affair that Srinish survived in the Bigg Boss house for so many days, and now made his entry to the final. He does not know how to do the tasks properly. Srinish survived just because of this romantic affair," said Anoop Chandran.

Anoop also lashed out at Srinish and Pearle for embracing such cheap gimmicks to win a reality show.

"It is really pathetic to do such kind of acts to win a reality show. Sometimes, you will win the game but will fail in life. Sometimes, failures are big successes in many aspects. What is the point in winning a game after pledging the self-integrity," Anoop argued.

Anoop Chandran also claimed that a PR agency is amassing votes for Pearle Maaney.

Anoop Chandran also added that Aditi is the most clever contestant inside the Bigg Boss Malayalam house. As per Anoop, Aditi gained sympathy from the audiences after melodramatically narrating her days in the orphanage.

"Aditi was there in the nomination list on the first week of the show. From there, she reached the finals by gaining sympathy after narrating her days in the orphanage. Aditi is not a genuine person, and she used to adopt various tactics to win the game at any cost," said Anoop.

During the interview, Anoop Chandran also lauded Basheer Bashi for his genuine personality. He also revealed that Sabumon and Suresh are his best friends inside the house.