The second season of Bigg Boss Malayalam has been shrouded with controversies since the first episode. In the initial days, most of the contestants blamed Dr Rajith Kumar for his anti-feministic dialogues which he delivered during his life outside the house. Later, Fukru manhandled Rajith Kumar, but Mohanlal took an optimistic stance, and it was totally unexpected. And now, Shaji, the Captain of the house rendered a sleazy and vulgar statement against Abhirami Suresh and Amritha Suresh who recently entered the house as wildcard entries.

Shaji's vulgar statement against womanhood

During the underworld task, Shaji commented that both Amritha and Abhirami are prostitutes who should quench his sexual thirst. The comments made by Shaji have literally irked social media users, and they are urging Bigg Boss authorities to expel him at the earliest from the house.

"Ottavettu Omana and Ottavettu Thankamma are my prostitutes. When I reach Kerala, I will stay with both of them. These two ladies will fight each other to sleep with me," said Shaji during the task.

Amritha and Abhirami

Even though nobody reacted to Shaji's comments during the task, Abhirami Suresh and Amritha Suresh later informed Rajith Kumar about this issue. Sujo and Rajith reacted that the words from Shaji were cheap and obscene.

Why social activist Jasla Madassery did not react to Shaji's comments?

Jasla Madassery, one of the contestants in Bigg Boss Malayalam is a social activist, and she is known for taking a strong stance against anti-feministic issues that prevail in the society. However, Shaji's comments did not irk Jasla, and she was seen laughing throughout the task.

As things get heated up, this week's elimination will be quite crucial for all contestants. The latest statistics suggest that Sooraj will be eliminated from the Bigg Boss Malayalam house this weekend.