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A Screengrab from Bigg Boss Malayalam: Hotstar

Aristo Suresh taught music to all the housemates during the initial moments of Bigg Boss Malayalam in the September 20 episode. Suresh warned Sabumon and Pearle as they started behaving in a funny manner inside the house. In the noon, Pearle massaged Srinish's head.

During the massage session, Pearle asked Srinish about his favourite songs. Srinish revealed that he liked almost all the songs composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja. Srinish later sang the song 'Loosu Penne' and 'Vaadi Vaadi Cute Pondatti' from the movies 'Vallavan' and 'Osthi' respectively.

After some time, a medical practitioner removed the dressing from Sabumon's eye. Later, Bigg Boss gave the housemates a new task named 'Ningalaanu Thaaram' (You are the Star). The primary objective of the task is to conduct interviews with the contestants. Srinish and Shiyas were selected as the anchors who conduct interviews.

Initially, Srinish and Shiyas interviewed Aristo Suresh. During the talk, the anchors majorly talked about Suresh's underwear issue. It should be noted that Suresh had forgotten to take his undergarments while coming to the Bigg Boss show. Suresh revealed that he is a person who believes in love after the age of 50.

Later, Pearle started recollecting her first romantic moment with Srinish. Pearle revealed that the initial seeds of romance started growing in her heart when Srinish gifted her a ring.

"It was on the ring exchange day that we felt something special. It was our first romantic moment. We believe our family members will also understand the depth of our love," said Pearle Maaney.

In the meantime, Sabumon criticized Pearle Maaney and Srinish for engaging in unnecessary quarrels. Sabumon asked both of them to file for a divorce after getting out of the Bigg Boss Malayalam house.

At the end of the September 20 episode, Asianet aired the teaser of the September 21 episode which shows Aristo Suresh pouring water on the curry which was being prepared by Sabumon. The teaser also indicated that things are not going well between Suresh and Sabu.