Rajith Kumar is one of the most popular contestants in the Bigg Boss Malayalam house. However, following his physical attack against fellow housemate Reshma, Rajith was temporarily evicted from the Bigg Boss house by the show organisers.

During the birthday celebration of Reshma, Rajith Kumar shockingly applied chilli paste on her eyes, and it worsened her already existing conjunctivitis.

Rajith Kumar
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Will Rajith Kumar return to the Bigg Boss Malayalam house?

Even though Rajith Kumar is now a hated figure inside the Bigg Boss house, he has a huge fan following outside. Since his temporary eviction, Rajith Kumar fans are urging the program organizers to bring him back to the house. Most of his fans are hurling abuses against Reshma, who is actually the victim, and it clearly indicates how blind worship towards a celebrity can ruin the mindset of people.

Many Rajith Kumar fans believe that the eviction of Rajith Kumar is actually a secret task. However, Bigg Boss has never carried out such a secret task without informing the audience. As pressure from fans continues, Asianet and Endemol Shine may be compelled to bring back Rajith Kumar to the show in the upcoming days.

What will be the repercussion if Rajith Kumar comes back to the house?

If Reshma, the victim is ready to take a strong stand against Rajith, police can even file a case against the botany professor. As per the Indian Penal Code, violence against women is a very serious crime, and by applying chilli paste on Reshma's eyes, Rajith Kumar has committed a very heinous act without any provocation.

If Asianet brings back Rajith Kumar to Bigg Boss Malayalam house just for the sake of TRP, it will be a move that will be against Indian womanhood, and children who see the show will think that violence against women is something that can be forgiven if the hunter has public support and influence.