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10.11: Archana joins Mohanlal on the floor. The Superstar now asks Archana to share her experiences while in the Bigg Boss house.

10.03: Mohanlal reveals that Shiyas has entered the safe zone. He confirms that Archana is out of house.

10.01: Mohanlal asks Archana Suseelan to come out of the house. Archana now hugs all the housemates.

09.58: Shiyas says that he has faced an emotional dilemma after getting into the house. Shiyas now cries. The aspiring model from Cochin says that he is very emotional. 

09.56: Shiyas says Mohanlal that he did not deserve a place in final.

09.46: Bigg Boss informs Pearle that she is safe. Mohanlal asks Pearle to be happy. 

09.42: Mohanlal is back after the break. The Superstar reveals that Pearle Maaney is out of the house.

09.34: Housemates try their best to deposit their balls within the timeline. The bell rings. Srinish declares that Shiyas' team has won the game.

09.28: Housemates now take part in the task. Srinish and Archana Suseelan vigorously tries to deposit the ball with a bat hanged on their hips.

09.18: Mohanlal now gives a task to the contestants. Pearle details the task details. 

09.14: Mohanlal reveals that Sabu is eliminated from the house. Sabu tries to open the exit door, but all his efforts go in vain. Mohanlal now informs that Sabu has entered the safe zone. 

09.12: Aditi reveals that she nominated Srinish because of his less participation in tasks. Mohanlal says that either one contestant or multiple contestants will be evicted from the house today.

09.11: Mohanlal asks Pearle about the elimination. Pearle says that she has nominated the toughest contestants for elimination. 

09.09: Sabumon reveals that Aditi is using her body as a weapon. Shiyas says that he nominated Sabumon just because he did not want to win the competition.

09.00: Mohanlal enters the floor. He now asks Suresh and Sabumon about the elimination process.

As the grand finale of Bigg Boss Malayalam is just a few days away, the host of the show Mohanlal will announce the name of the evicted contestant today. Sources close to the reality show exclusively revealed to International Business Times, India that there will be either dual elimination or no elimination on today's episode.

If dual elimination takes place, Sabumon Abdusamad and Archana Suseelan will go out of the house. The votes obtained by Sabumon and Archana are apparently lesser when compared to the other nominees, Shiyas and Pearle Maaney.

There are chances that Mohanlal might cancel the elimination process to save powerful contestants like Sabumon and Archana as it will negatively impact the TRP of the show in the final week.

It should be also noted that a teaser of today's episode aired by Asianet showed Sabumon walking out of the house with his bag. Audiences believe that this teaser is meant to raise curiosity in the minds of viewers, and they argue that Archana Suseelan should be eliminated first before evicting Sabumon Abdusamad.

A poll conducted by International Business Times, India also reveals that Sabumon and Archana are the most likely contestants to be evicted from the show. The poll also indicates that Pearle Maaney and Shiyas will enter the safe zone with ease in this week's elimination.

We will publish the live updates of the elimination episode on this space starting at 9 PM. Stay tuned.