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A Screenshot from Bigg Boss: Hotstar

10.52 pm: Bigg Boss announces the nominee list--Srinish, Ranjini, Pearle Maaney, and Suresh.

Bigg Boss then asks Shiyas to nominate one person directly to the eviction list from the remaining contestants. Shiyas nominates Archana Suseelan. The final list of nominees--Srinish, Ranjini Haridas, Pearle Maaney, Suresh and Archana.

10.50 pm: Pearle Maaney initially nominates Sabumon stating that he is a strong contestant. Later, she nominates Ranjini. Archana Suseelan nominates Suresh and Srinish. Suresh nominates Ranjini Haridas and Basheer Bashi stating that both of them are short tempered and gossip mongers. -Basheer nominates Ranjini and Archana. Hima Shankar nominates Suresh stating that his mental state is not apt to the Bigg Boss house. Hima later named Srinish as the second nominee.

10.45 pm: Sabumon nominates Aristo Suresh and Pearle Maaney. Anoop Chandran reveals that he is nominating the strongest contestants. He nominates Pearle Maaney and Srinish. Ranjini Haridas nominates Pearle Maaney and Suresh.

10.43 pm: The nomination process begins now. Bigg Boss informs that nobody can nominate Captain Shiyas and wildcard entrant Hima. Srinish nominates Ranjini stating that she has changed a lot after coming back from elimination. Srinish also added that Ranjini is trying to create problems inside the house. Secondly, Srinish nominates Anoop Chandran. Aditi nominates Srinish and Pearle Maaney.

10.38 pm: Shiyas starts crying, and Basheer tries to console the young model. Ranjini Haridas behaves cruelly and mocks Shiyas again. Upon repeated requests from Anoop Chandran, Ranjini Haridas starts talking to Shiyas. Both of them now start hugging. Ranjini tells Shiyas that everything is part of a game.

10.34 pm: Anoop Chandran calls Shiyas a genuine idiot. Shiyas said that he wants to leave the house at any cost. Sabumon told Shiyas to stay strong, and play the game for his mother.

10.30 pm: The meeting starts. Ranjini Haridas says that she has a complaint towards captain Shiyas. Ranjini says that she did not want to corporate with Shiyas. "Shiyas took an idiotic decision, and I said that," said Ranjini.Ranjini also demanded apologies from Shiyas. Sabumon and Ranjini boycotted the meeting as Shiyas refused to say apologies.

10.06 pm: Ranjini continuously mocks Shiyas, and it makes him very angry. Ranjini eats in front of Shiyas and Anoop Chandran supports her. Suresh talks very emotionally to Pearle Maaney. All the contestants now start shouting at Shiyas. Hearing these allegations, Shiyas starts using physical exercises.

10.01 pm: The next day morning, Shiyas tells Srinish that Ranjini Haridas is no one to correct him. Shiyas alleges that Ranjini's mind is loaded with ego and possessiveness. Ranjini refuses to do the job stating that Shiyas has insulted him. Shiyas told the cooking team members not to give food to Ranjini as she is not ready to do job.

9.52 pm: Pearle informs Bigg Boss that he has problem with Aristo Suresh. Ranjini also supports her. Pearle alleged that Suresh is always shadowing her, and is behaving in a very possessive manner.

All the contestants jumped with joy after realizing that chicken curry is going to be prepared.
Tiff started arousing between house captain Shiyas and Ranjini Haridas. Shiyas said that Ranjini Haridas is over acting inside the house. Captain Shiyas revealed that he is taking decisions after majority opinion.

Ranjini Haridas purposefully tried to irritate Shiyas by repeating same replies again and again.
When Ranjini called Shiyas an idiot, Shiyas replied that Ranjini is nothing, but a big zero.
Ranjini Haridas said that Shiyas took the decision to prepare chicken without asking the opinion of others.

Shiyas stopped the talks finally saying that he do not want to talk with mentally retarded people
After sometime, Shiyas resumed the talks. He told everyone that Ranjini did not have any rights to call him an idiotic decision maker. Anoop Chandran asked Shiyas to tell sorry to Ranjini Haridas. However, Shiyas refused to tell sorry and argued that he has not committed any mistakes. Pearle and Suresh talks each other. Pearle said Suresh not to interfere in her issues.

Amidst elevated tensions, the Sunday's episode of Bigg Boss Malayalam was wrapped up without any elimination. Mohanlal who initially named Aditi as the contestant who should go out of the house later cancelled the eviction upon request from Anjali Ameer, a housemate who said Adios to Bigg Boss midway due to health issues. On August 2013, contestants will be again asked to name this week's nominees for elimination.

This week's elimination will be special due to many reasons. The brawls between Sabumon Abdusamad and captain Shiyas is increasing day by day, and if Bigg Boss asks Shiyas to take the captain's call during the elimination process, he will most probably vote against Sabu.

Hima Shankar has returned to the house yesterday after getting evicted from the house a few weeks back. Hima has deep-rooted issues with Anoop Chandran, and it will surely reflect while they start naming the nominees. In all probabilities, Hima will name Anoop Chandran for elimination, while Anoop may do the same to Hima.

A recent teaser aired by Asianet indicates that something is not going well with Pearle Maaney and Aristo Suresh. In the teaser, Pearle Maaney asks Suresh not to interfere in her personal affairs. It should be noted that Suresh is a person who considers Pearle as his own daughter, and many times, he had tried to defend Pearle when other contestants lodge an attack on the 'Nayika Nayakan' anchor.

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