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10.45 pm: Hima Shankar enters the house. Everybody jumps with joy. Shiyas starts dacing with utmost happiness, but in a very funny manner. Every contestants except Anoop Chandran welcomed Hima to the house.

10.35 pm: Mohanlal is back. The Superstar now talks about a new entrant in the house. Mohanlal now welcomes Hima Shankar to the house. The prediction of IB Times once again came true. Hima Shankar is back in Bigg Boss Malayalam

10.25 pm: Upon Anjali's request, Mohanlal informs everyone that the elimination has been cancelled.

10.20 pm: A surprising twist in the show. Mohanlal now informs Aditi that Anjali Ameer wants to talk to her. Anjali Ameer asks Mohanlal that nobody should be eliminated from the house. Anjali Ameer says that she loves Aditi a lot. She requested Mohanlal to avoid the elimination at any cost. Anjali now starts talking with Archana Suseelan. Anjali told Archana that she misses her a lot.

10.20 pm: Mohanlal is back and asked Aditi to pack the bags and come out of the house. All the contestants are now trying to console Aditi.

10.12 pm: Sabumon told that he is not that widely accepted by Kerala public to stay safe in the house. Aditi said that she is not that popular in Kerala, and due to that she might face the heat during the time of elimination. Mohanlal takes a break

10.06 pm: Mohanlal now starts talking about elimination. The Superstar says that two contestants are now in the safe zone. Mohanlal informed Suresh that he is in the safe zone. The Superstar added that Pearle Maaney is also in the safe zone. Now, three contestants---Sabumon Abdusamad, Aditi Rai and Anoop Chandran are in the danger zone.

10.00 pm: Mohanlal asked Aditi about the problems she had with Anjali during the time of naming the elimination nominees. Aditi replied that everything has happened out of misunderstanding. Aditi starts crying. Mohanlal told Aditi that the audiences have seen what she had talked to Anjali Ameer.

10.00 pm: Mohanlal is back and asked Shiyas why he is doing all kinds of weird mannerisms. Shiyas told Mohanlal that it is his nature. Suresh says that he is sometimes incapable of controlling his anger.

9.46 pm: Mohanlal asked Shiyas to inform his tactics for the upcoming week as the new captain. "I am here in this Bigg Boss for the past 35 days. I have learned a lot from the old captains. Sabumon and Srinish were good captains. Pearle Maaney and Archana was also good captains," said Shiyas. Mohanlal asked Shiyas whether her tiff with Pearle was over. Shiyas told Mohanlal that Pearle has asked him not to talk with her again. Pearle intervened and said that Shiyas is lying. Mohanlal successfully sorted out the issues between Pearle and Shiyas.

9.42 pm: Mohanlal is back after the break and asked about the cake. Everybody told that the cake was delicious. Archana Suseeland told Mohanlal that Shiyas and Srinish were the two contestants who supported her a lot during the captaincy period. Mohanlal now starts talking to Shiyas, who told him that he ate five pieces of Puttu (Kerala dish made with rice flour). Anoop Chandran complained that Shiyas had vomited after eating puttu. Shiyas told Mohanlal that apart from puttu, he ate 14 bananas.

9.33 pm: Shiyas asked Mohanlal whether audiences will tease him after getting out of the house. The aspiring model told Mohanlal that he has danced in a funny way while inside the house. Mohanlal asked contestants to cut the cake.

9.20 pm: Ranjini Haridas told Mohanlal that all the contestants inside the house are like a real family now. Anoop Chandran said that several mistakes and goodness have happened inside the house. Basheer Bashi told Mohanlal that he feels very happy to be a part of such an amazing show. Srinish revealed that there were more good moments than bad moments in the house. Suresh promised that he will complete 100 days in the house. Archana Suseelan told Mohanlal that she does not want to part from this house. Archana says that she want to spend at least one day with all the eliminated contestants.

9.17 pm: Bigg Boss now asks everyone to go the activity room. In the activity room, there lies a chocolate cake on the table. Bigg Boss congratulated everyone for completing the 50th day without the presence of their dear ones.

9.12 pm: All the contestants now starts dancing with some anonymous people with masks who reached the house as a part of the 50th day celebration. The dancing session gets over, and the camera focuses to the Bigg Boss floor. All the contestants thanked Mohanlal for giving such an amazing gift as a part of the 50th day celebration.

9.07 pm: Mohanlal teased Suresh for using colloquial Trivandrum language inside the house. He asked Suresh why his marriage is delayed. Suresh replied that he is waiting for a girl who will share good rapport with his mother.

9.07 pm: Mohanlal asked the contestants what they need as a gift on the 50th day of the show. The Superstar tried to extract answers from the contestants, and asked about their feeling after completing 50 long days inside the house.

9.05 pm: Mohanlal enters the floor in such an elegant attire. He has worn a blue stylish shirt, a light colored trouser, and an unusual spectacle. Mohanlal says that there is no script in Bigg Boss, and informs everyone that the mega reality show has crossed the 50-day mark. Archana informed Mohanlal that she is quite happy to handover the captaincy band to Shiyas

The much-anticipated elimination process in Bigg Boss Malayalam will happen today evening. Five nominees--Pearle Maaney, Anoop Chandran, Aditi, Sabumon Abdusamad, and Suresh have been nominated by the contestants this week, and host Mohanlal is to name one among the contestants and will show the way to exit.

As per the IB Times Poll, Pearle Maaney is the contestant who is likely to get out of the house. But, the audience survey conducted by Asianet indicates that Pearle is in the safe zone. The melodramatic approach adopted by Pearle Maaney has apparently helped to gain the advantage of sympathy over the last few days, and it has reflected in the votes too. It should also be noted that Pearle is one of the strong contenders in the house who always tries to keep the home entertained. Also, the Bigg Boss organizers will not dare to take a risk of evicting Pearle from the house.

In the meantime, several close sources from Bigg Boss Malayalam have reported that the elimination will not happen this week in the show. A couple of days back, transgender actress Anjali Ameer was sent out of the house due to health ailments, and due to that, the game organizers may refrain themselves from eliminating one more contestant.

However, if elimination happens, the most likely contestant who will go out from the house will be either Anoop Chandran or Aditi Rai. Even though Aditi has a reasonable fan following in social media spaces, her fan power cannot be compared with Pearle or Sabumon who owns the so-called 'army' on Facebook. On the other hand, Anoop Chandran has very few fans on Facebook, and it will negatively impact him for sure during the elimination process.