Aristo Suresh Big Boss

Participants in Bigg Boss Malayalam house woke up as usual, and they all shook their hips along with a popular song from the movie 'Usthad Hotel'. At around 08.30 AM, Ranjini Haridas talked with David John and Sreelakshmi and informed them that Archana Suseelan is very much concerned about the cocus which prevail in the house. Rajini also added that Archana is not that intelligent enough to discuss relevant societal issues, and made it clear that she did not have a wink last night due to her talks with Archana.

During the breakfast time, Anoop Chandran, Sabumon Abdusamad (Tharikida Sabu), and Diya Sana discussed the health benefits of including coconut in our daily diet. Later Archana Suseelan told Swetha Menon that she is not swimming after entering Bigg Boss, as it will make her hungry which will, in turn, compel her to eat more, thus depleting the limited food source available.

The first talk suggested by Bigg Boss was to decorate the entire house using flowers. Swetha and Ranjini Haridas voluntarily led everyone from the front and made the interiors of the room beautiful. Soon, everyone followed their path, and the entire contestants became busy with the decoration process.

Mohanlal in Bigg Boss Malayalam
Mohanlal in Bigg Boss Malayalam.Asianet

During a casual talk, Sreelakshmi suggested that Aristo Suresh should use hair dye so that he will look younger. Anoop Chandran later delivered a folk song beginning with the lyric 'Aadiyillallo Anthamillallo', and everybody joined him as the chorus. Pearle Maaney once again proved that she is a good dancer. 

Then, the team led by Captain Swetha Menon prepared a listicle for the luxury budget. All the contestants put forward their suggestions while preparing this list.

Later, Ranjini Haridas and Srinish engaged in a word war, as the Idea Star Singer anchor alleged that contestants distracted Swetha while preparing the listicle.

However, the team failed to buy underwear for Aristo Suresh. Interestingly, Swetha Menon suggested that she is ready to give her new undergarments to Aristo Suresh so that he can stay carefree while in the house. Soon, many contestants sarcastically commented that underwear is a luxury.

The team later decided that only normal tea will be supplied to contestants from now, and there will be no cardamom or other flavours in it. In the meantime, Archana blamed Srinish, David John and Basheer Bashi for eating more after doing vigorous physical exercises.

Sabumon, meanwhile criticized Ranjni Haridas, and asked her whether she is the spokesperson of Swetha Menon, the house leader.

Later, Sabumon revealed that Ranjini is a fragile person who portrays herself strong in front of others to hide her weaknesses.

Soon, Swetha Menon was asked to suggest two names to be named as the Captain for the next week, and the 'Rathinirvedam' actress gave the names of Ranjini and Archana. A small competition will be carried out between these two to determine the next captain.