Manoj Varma Big Boss
Screenshot: Hotstar

''An episode loaded with a baggage of emotions'', and this is how the latest episode of Bigg Boss Malayalam which was aired on June 28 can be described in a single sentence.

During a conversation with Basheer Bashi, film actor Anoop Chandran said that if he was Basheer's first wife, he would have died on hearing Basheer going for a second marriage. However, Basheer tackled this moment well by saying that his first wife is very understanding.

In the meantime, Archana Suseelan and Srinish engaged in a heated argument while in the kitchen. Srinish complained that Archana always used to behave in a biased manner. But Archana soon gave a reply stating that Srinish has been a complaint box from the day he entered the house. The argument was later resolved when Diya Sana entered the scene and reconciled Archana and Srinish.

After some time, Bigg Boss announced that the contestants have successfully completed their luxury task. Aristo Suresh soon sang a song, and the housemates danced together out of joy. Later, Basheer Bashi cried in front of the camera and informed Bigg Boss that he is missing his family very badly.

The turning point in the episode came when Manoj Varma was called to the confession room by Big Boss. While in the confession room, Bigg Boss informed Manoj that his recent blood test results and ECG have indicated that he should take complete rest in the coming days. Bigg Boss informed Manoj that he will not be a part of the show from now, and asked him to say Goodbye to everyone.

Manoj then asked every contestant to gather in the living room, and he informed all that he is going to exit from the house. The shocking statement from Manoj pulled everyone to a state of shock, and most of them started crying. While leaving the house, Manoj asked everyone to love each other, and requested them not to show bias while nominating housemates.

In the night, during a secret conversation, Ranjini Haridas informed Swetha Menon, Diya Sana, and Archana Suseelan that she has some grudge towards Sabumon Abdusamad aka Tharikida Sabu. Ranjini revealed that Sabu had many times hurled abusive words against her on Facebook, and she even added that Sabu is an expert in using sexist jokes.