Bigg Boss
A screengrab from Bigg Boss: Hotstar

Apart from Adithi, all the contestants on the Bigg Boss Malayalam house were seen dancing in the morning of the July 5 episode. At 8.15 AM, serial actress Archana Suseelan blamed Ranjini Haridas that she is taking everything personally. However, Ranjini Haridas made it clear that she is playing the game sincerely, and Archana might have negatively misinterpreted the gaming pattern.

Things got heated up an hour later when Basheer Bashi lashed out at Hima Shankar for her irresponsible attitude in the kitchen. Basheer argued that Hima should take the utensils in proper position after use. Hima replied that Basheer is very biased while expressing his views. Basheer once again shouted at Hima stating that he does not have the prerogative accept all the things the actress insists.

At around 12.00 PM, Basheer Bashi, Anoop Chandran, Srinish, and Diya Sana gathered in the bedroom and talked about the misbehavior of Hima Shankar. In the meantime, in kitchen, Hima Shankar was seen explaining things to Sabumon Abdusamad alias Tharikida Sabu. Hima even talked about one of her previous experiences where she faced moral policing.

When Hima told Sabumon that she initially informed media people about moral policing rather than reporting to the police, Sabumon strongly criticized it, and he added that if a crime happens, police are the first to be informed. He made it clear that media people are not part of the judiciary, and police are responsible for maintaining law and order in the state. Sabumon revealed that Hima Shankar has attention seeking syndrome and that is why she informed things to the media than informing the police.

At around 1.45 PM, Bigg Boss informed the contestants that the team has failed in the luxury task. After analyzing the contestant's remaining sum, Bigg Boss found that Anoop Chandran is the person who has the maximum in his kitty. The Bigg Boss revealed that Anoop Chandran, Swetha Menon and Srinish will be the three contestants who will be nominated as the captain for the next week. Bigg Boss also added that Diya Sana will be not entitled to participate in the captain contest again in the competition as she failed in her secret mission. When Diya Sana started crying, Adithi consoled her and made her feel comfortable.

During a casual talking session, Aristo Suresh opened up that he was once a goonda in real life, and has engaged in all kinds of illicit activities. While playing the rope game, Ranjini and Anoop Chandran engaged in a verbal war due to Anoops habit of spitting while inside the house. As Ranjini behaved in a very rude manner, Sabumon came to support Anoop and revealed that Ranjini's arrogant attitude is not at all great to show off in the society.

During the rope game, Anoop Chandran shockingly claimed that Malayalee people have completely seen everything of Swetha Menon, a sarcastic hint that Swetha has acted in many glamorous movies. The comments of Anoop Chandran irked contestants like Ranjini Haridas, Aristo Suresh and Hima Shankar completely, and they made it clear that it is an artist's commitment to portraying his roles with perfection on screen. All of them alleged that Anoop's comment was against the entire female community.

Anoop Chandran after getting expelled from the rope challenge soon engaged in a dreaded verbal war with Ranjini Haridas. Ranjini literally shouted at him and asked ''Who the bloody hell are you to insult woman community? You can use these kinds of words against the woman in your house, not against me.''

Swetha Menon and Anoop Chandran had previously many times told that they are good friends, but now, with this new development, their relationship is expected to take a drastic change, and it may also impact their future film career.

Without breaking the rope, Swetha Menon and Srinish slept in one bed, and the episode came to an end. Audiences are now eagerly waiting to know what will happen next, as a woman slept in the male bedroom.