Bigg Boss Malayalam housemates
Bigg Boss Malayalam housematesSnapshot of Hot Star video

Transgender social activist Diya Sana has been eliminated from Mohanlal's Bigg Boss Malayalam, while Pearle Maaney, Archana Suseelan, Basheer Bashi, and Srinish Aravind remained safe inside the house.

Five housemates were nominated for elimination from Bigg Boss Malayalam this week. Mohanlal announced in the Saturday episode that Pearle Maaney and Archana Suseelan are in the protected zone. After addressing all the housemates on Sunday, the host asked Srinish, Diya and Basheer to pack their bags and get ready for the eviction.

Later, Mohanlal announced that Diya Sana has been evicted Bigg Boss Malayalam and Srinish and Basheer are safe from elimination. The host asked her to come out of the house. Diya Sana informed everyone that she would miss them after going out of the house. She also hinted that she had health issues, and should undergo treatment soon.

Diya Sana confessed that she had been rude towards some of the housemates, especially Aristo Suresh during these 41 days. The social activist apologised to him and sought his blessings.

After some time, she bid an emotional goodbye to housemates and came to the stage. Mohanlal asked Diya Sana to share her experience inside the Bigg Boss Malayalam house. She informed the host that she has learned to behave patiently after participating in the contest.

"I learned to behave patiently. I reached the Bigg Boss house with lots of excitement. Most of the contestants were very familiar to me. Many times, I failed to express some of my thoughts in the way they should have been done," Diya Sana told the audiences.

The process of elimination from Bigg Boss Malayalam began on July 30. Five housemates - Diya Sana, Pearle Maaney, Archana Suseelan, Basheer Bashi, and Srinish Aravind - were nominated for eviction this weekend. The viewers have already decided on the contestants to be eliminated through their votes.

Mohanlal had a regular interaction with the housemates on Saturday, Aug 4. The host gave a chance to Pearle Maaney to speak to her mother over the phone. Her mother told her that she is safe from eviction from Bigg Boss Malayalam. Later, the host announced that Archana is also safe from this week's eviction. He asked the other three nominees, Srinish, Diya and Basheer to pack their bags and get ready for the eviction.

However, IBTimes India held a survey to predict the contestant who would be eliminated from the show and the poll received good response with many viewers taking part in it. Thousands of people have cast their votes to send one housemate out of the house this weekend.

In the IBTimes' poll, 9.73 percent opted for the elimination of Archana Suseelan and it is the least number in this survey. Basheer Bashi and Srinish Aravind have got 10.97 percent of the total number of votes each. Pearle Maaney received 18.95 percent of the total votes, according to IBTimes survey.

Bigg Boss Malayalam elimination - IBTime poll results
Bigg Boss Malayalam elimination - IBTime poll results

Nearly 50 percent of the viewers had chosen Diya Sana for the elimination from Bigg Boss Malayalam, according to IBTimes. Her vote share was almost equal to what the other four contestants have got together. Ourreaders's prediction has turned out to be true. We thank all of them for taking part in our survey.