Big Boss

10.30 pm: Mohanlal now announces a new contestant to the Bigg Boss house. The new entrant is Anjali Ameer, a transgender actress who recently appeared in Mammootty's Peranbu. Mohanlal conveyed his wishes to Anjali Ameer to become successful in the house. All the contestants now welcome Anjali Ameer to the house.

10.19 pm: Swetha Menon eliminated and Mohanlal takes a break. Mohanlal now invites Swetha Menon to the Bigg Boss stage. Swetha Menon informed that she was not given justice, and made it clear that she is not a liar.

10.10 pm: Mohanlal now announces Bigg Boss' decision. The Superstar revealed that one person can go inside the house, while the other can go outside. Both of them informed Mohanlal that they would love to play inside the house. Mohanlal informed Swetha that she is out of the house, while Ranjini Haridas is in the safe zone. Ranjini Haridas, upon hearing Mohanlal's words started crying deeply and asked sorry. Swetha wished all the best to Ranjini Haridas, and asked her to play well.

10.06 pm: Ranjini informed Mohanlal that she is not ready to change her character. Ranjini added that she will behave only in the righteous manner in the future.

10.05 pm: Mohanlal now starts talking with Swetha and Ranjini. While talking with Mohanlal, Swetha Menon revealed that it was Suresh who began all the issues. She also added that contestants have tried to character assassinate her.

10.02 pm: Basheer also shared similar views of Suresh, and revealed that both Swetha and Ranjini deserves to be eliminated from the house.

10.00 pm: Pearle said that she loves both Swetha and Ranjini a lot. The 'Who' actress made it clear that she is going to miss Ranjini a lot. As per Suresh, Swetha Menon is a liar. Suresh added that both the contestants deserve to go out of the house.

9.59 pm: "I badly need Ranjini sister. I will miss her a lot," said Aditi. Srinish revealed that Ranjini is a better player than Swetha. Archana started crying and made it clear that two strong contestants have left the house. Aditi revealed that she will miss Ranjini's smile a lot. Sabumon revealed that he will miss both Swetha and Ranjini in the house.

9.55 pm: Diya Sana started behaving emotionally, and made it clear that she does not have anything to talk. In the meantime, Swetha and Ranjini Haridas are watching the contestants' reaction on the secret screen.

9.50 pm: In the secret room, Swetha Menon and Ranjini Haridas are now seeing the activities of the remaining contestants on screen. Mohanlal now asks each and every contestants regarding their opinion about the elimination.

9.47 pm: Both Swetha and Ranjini now starts hugging other contestants, and they are now preparing to leave. But it still remain unclear whether Bigg Boss has decided to eliminate both the contestants. Surprisingly, both Ranjini and Swetha now reach a secret dark room.

9.45 pm: Ranjini told Sabumon that her most beautiful moments in the house was with him. "You are not only CID Sabu, you are tharikida Sabu, and you are everything," said Ranjini about Sabu. Mohanlal informed both Swetha and Ranjini to come out of the house through the main exit.

9.40 pm: Ranjini Haridas told Anoop Chandran that she has no disrespect towards him. As per Ranjini, Anoop Chandran was frustrated after reaching the elimination nominee list.

9.40 pm: Talking about Pearle, Ranjini Haridas revealed that the 'Nayika Nayakan' anchor is completely a double-faceted person. Ranjini asked whether Pearle is doing all these gimmicks as a part of the game.

9.39 pm: Ranjini made it clear that Shiyas lost his macho man outlook after completing one week inside the house. The Idea Star Singer anchor revealed that she did not have any grudge towards Suresh. Ranjini asked Suresh to stop his biased attitude.

9.35 pm: Swetha Menon lashed out against Pearle Maaney stating that she is a negative personality. Swetha revealed that Pearle do not have that positive attitude to stay in the house. Swetha told Shiyas that he has lost his character after coming inside the house. "Ranjini is like an old Swetha. Your character is very similar to mine. You are my shadow," said Swetha.

9.33 pm: Now, Ranjini Haridas starts her talks. Ranjini revealed that she is a very happy person, and made it clear that she is satisfied with herself. She initially talked to Archana and made it clear that she is a very straight forward person. Ranjini revealed that Swetha will be her friend even after they gets out of the house. Ranjini asked Diya Sana to take strong stands in various issues.

9.30 pm: Swetha Menon now starts talking to the housemates. The 'Rathinirvedam' actress revealed that she had done a small mischief in the house just to save her personality. Swetha Menon expressed her gratefulness to Sabumon Abdusamad. Swetha revealed that Sabu is one of her best friends. Swetha Menon also thanked Anoop Chandran for his cooperation. Swetha advised Srinish to become more careful as many people are targeting him. Swetha revealed that Basheer has changed a lot, but he is like a brother to him. "Basheer, even though you have lots of disrespect towards me, I have lots of love towards you," said Swetha Menon.

9.27 pm: Mohanlal later asked Swetha Menon regarding her nomination in the eviction list. Swetha Menon revealed that it is due to her upbringing in Bombay which created all the issues. She alleged that nobody was able to understand her real self. Swetha Menon indirectly blamed Pearle Maaney for being a double-faceted lady. Mohanlal takes a break to have a cup of tea

Ranjini Haridas alleged that Suresh is a biased person. "I initially believed that Suresh was a strong contestant. But later, I came to know that Suresh is a biased person," said Ranjini.

Mohanlal entered the Bigg Boss floor. Confident Group chairman CJ Roy also entered the floor with Mohanlal. Roy revealed that the prize for the Bigg Boss Malayalam winner is a surprise gift worth one crore.

Mohanlal now talks about Mahabharata. The Superstar connects the happenings in Mahabharata with the Bigg Boss contestants, and both these incidents narrates the story of fighting families.
Mohanlal now starts talking with the Bigg Boss contestants. The Complete Actor congratulated Sabumon Abdusamad for being selected as the new captain.

Sabumon Abdusamad revealed that he will try his level best to make the home organized. Suresh informed Mohanlal that he has huge expectations regarding Sabumon's captaincy.

Now, contestants are seen sharing their opinion about Sabumon. Most of the contestants revealed that Sabumon is an open personality, and his attitude will help other housemates to behave freely.
Mohanlal requested everyone to cooperate with Sabumon, so that he can carry forward the captaincy task with ease. The Superstar asked Pearle Maaney to give her full support to Sabu as the former captain.

Sabumon now starts talking with the contestants. The Tharikida anchor revealed that he will be a very strict captain and made it clear that he will implement some strict rules.

Now comes the most anticipated moment. Mohanlal asked Ranjini Haridas why she is being nominated for eviction. Ranjini Haridas revealed that it might be due to her straight forward attitude that she has been chosen for elimination. The Idea Star Singer anchor made it clear that she is not planning to change her character even if she gets eliminated from the house.

While signing out of the Saturday episode, Mohanlal, the host of Malayalam Bigg Boss had revealed that the much-anticipated elimination results will be announced today. Two nominees are now there in the elimination list; Ranjini Haridas and Swetha Menon. Mohanlal, at 09.00 PM will reveal the name of the contestant who will be evicted from the house.

Current trends indicate that Swetha Menon will be the most probable candidate who will be in danger zone on Sunday evening. On the other hand, Ranjini Haridas has successfully garnered some fans using her straight-forward attitude, and it will surely give her an upper edge in the audience poll. Comments on Asianet Facebook page too reveal that Ranjini will find her place in the safe zone during this week's elimination.

The contestants inside the house are also not that convinced regarding Swetha's attitude. Swetha Menon has many times revealed that she is a senior actress, and her mannerisms many times indicated that she is such a person who likes to dominate others using the glory of her career. One day, she even said that Basheer Bashi, the young model inside the house is not grown enough to criticise her.

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