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10.38: Mohanlal winds up the episode without uttering any word about elimination.

10.11: The romance continues... Srinish now introduces his dear ones to Pearle Maaney. Srinish's grandmother says that she misses him a lot. Basheer Bashi's both wive's told that they miss him. 

10.00: Mohanlal now hand overs the Onam gift to all contestants. Now, family of housemates covey their Onam wishes. Anoop Chandran's parents covey wishes to their son. The camera now zooms into Pearle's house. All her family members says that they misses her a lot. 

09.43: Anoop Chandran shared his most memorable Onam. He talks about the Onam in which he ate Sadhya with Omlet in a small tea shop. Sabumon too talks about an Onam day which he will not forget. Contestants now starts sharing their Onam experiences. 

09.40: Mahabali now enters the Bigg Boss house. He tastes the Payasam, and appreciates everyone for making such a delicious recipe. Mahabali now leaves the house. Contestants starts singing the song, 'Meeveli naaduvaaneedum kaalam. 

09.36: Contestants now serve Payasam to Mohanlal. Mohanlal thanks everyone for their hospitality. All the contestants now gather in the dining table. Once again Mohanlal conveys his Onam wishes. 

09.28: Mohanlal now asks Archana about Ramesh (The Camera). He now enters the kitchen to see what is going on in the kitchen. Pearle and Anoop can be seen preparing some special dishes to Mohanlal. Ranjini told Mohanlal that the kitchen is messy. Mohanlal informs everyone that he too wants to stay in the Bigg Boss house. 

09.25: Mohanlal enters the house. The Superstar says that Pearle has become lean. Mohanlal told everyone that he is the guest today. Mohanlal lauds everyone stating that everyone is beautiful. As usual, Mohanlal gives his care to Shiyas who is one of the weak contestant. 

09.18: Anoop Chandran now sings the Onam song, and all the contestants start dancing. In the meantime, other housemates are preparing Ilayada (A sweet prepared with Rice Flour and Sugar).

09.09: Mohanlal now thanks Anoop and Basheer for contributing to the Chief Minister's Distress Relief Fund. The complete actor now asks the contestants to split into two groups and make Onam Sadhya. 

09.06: Mohanlal now shows a video which depicts the current scenario in Kerala. The video depicted the flood which hit the state, and all the housemates got shocked. 

09.05: Mohanlal now talks about Onam. The Narasimham actor tells that Onam is a festival which unites people. After seeing Mohanlal on the screen, all the housemates start jumping with joy. Mohanlal informs housemates that the onam celebrations is very moderate this year. 

09.00: Mohanlal enters the floor. As usual, he starts talking philosophies, and this time, he talks about cosmos. The Superstar states that Kerala is fighting back after the dreaded flood which killed hundreds. Mohanlal says that no natural disasters could kill the spirit of Kerala.

After postponing the elimination on Bigg Boss Malayalam last week, host Mohanlal will be back in the house this week to announce the name of the contestant who will be evicted.

A teaser aired by Asianet earlier had revealed that Mohanlal will enter the Bigg Boss house this week as a part of Onam celebrations and will announce the name of the housemate who will be eliminated either today or tomorrow.

Five housemates -- Ranjini Haridas, Srinish, Suresh, Pearle Maaney and Archana Suseelan -- have been nominated the penultimate week, and one among them will be evicted today.

As per the latest updates, Archana Suseelan and Srinish are the most likely contestants who will enter the safe zone this weekend. Archana Suseelan's active participation in luxury tasks may save her, while Srinish can boast of a huge female fan following.

International Business Times, India poll also indicates that Archana and Srinish will be in the safe zone this weekend. Nearly 93 percent of IBTimes readers believe that Archana should stay in the house, while 89 percent voted in favour of Srinish.

As per IBTimes poll, Ranjini Haridas is the most likely contestant who will feel the heat this weekend. More than 32 percent of our viewers argue that Ranjini should go out of the house and 32.53 percent of IBTimes readers want Pearle to go out of the house.

Suresh may stay in the safe zone. However, the actor-singer had requested many times to eliminate him, and if Bigg Boss consider his request, he may go out of the house.

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