In the August 20 episode of Bigg Boss Malayalam, Mohanlal, the host of the show revealed that there will be no elimination. To justify this decision, Mohanlal said that most of the viewers were not able to vote properly due to the dreaded floods which hit the state over the past few days. However, Bigg Boss viewers have now started alleging foul play over Asianet's decision to postpone the elimination for the second consecutive week.

Various people have started arguing on social media platforms stating that Asianet with the help of Endemol, the reality show organisers have avoided the elimination on Sunday, Aug 19 to save Ranjini Haridas, a contestant who has been sharing a longstanding relationship with the channel for many years. As per these skeptics, Ranjini Haridas was the most likely contestant to go out of the house, and the channel decided to postpone the elimination to save the 'Star Singer' anchor.

Many active users in Facebook groups like 'Bigg Boss Malayalam fans' even blame Asianet for manipulating the voting process in favor of Ranjini Haridas. These people allege that Asianet is generating fake votes for Ranjini Haridas so that she will reach the safe zone with ease during the elimination, which is expected to happen next week.

A section of people who run a campaign against Ranjini believe that her recent clashes with Shiyas have negatively impacted her chances to survive in the show. They even blame Mohanlal for supporting Asianet's marketing strategies and fake vote generation.

In the meantime, a section of social media users has started claiming that a PR agency is working for Pearle Maaney to save her from elimination. As per these people, Pearle who is a bad light now is getting sufficient votes just because of the work of this PR agency.

After postponing the elimination process, Mohanlal revealed that the same contestants who were in the eviction list will be the nominees this week too. The superstar also requested people to vote for their favourite contestants so that they can save them from getting out of the house.

The five eviction nominees for this week are Ranjini Haridas, Pearle Maaney, Aristo Suresh, Srinish and Archana Suseelan.