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10.11: Basheer becomes emotionally shattered after Anoop Chandranexited the house. The model from Kochi now starts crying in the bathroom. 

10.06: The elimination happens. Anoop Chandran is out of the house. Contestants now emotionally send Anoop Chandran out of the house. Suresh starts singing, and Anoop Chandran slowly exits the house. 

10.04: Shiyas revealed that he has only support from his mother and some close friends. Anoop Chandran told Mohanlal that Shiyas is a very innocent man. Mohanlal revealed that Shiyas has become a big guy now, and revealed that he has a huge number of fan following. 

10.00: Mohanlal is back after the short break. The Superstar once again says that big games are going to be played inside the house. Mohanlal reveals that the decision to eliminate a person is being taken after analyzing the vote counts from the audiences. Shiyas informs Mohanlal that he is getting the feeling that he may soon go out of the house. The aspiring model also alleged that some people are playing dirty games to eliminate him from the house. 

09.55: The nomination begins. Mohanlal informs the contestants that Pearle Maaney is safe, as she received a huge number of votes last week. Anoop Chandran asked Mohanlal and Bigg Boss to eliminate him.

09.47: Bigg Boss is back after the break. Now, contestants from the blue and yellow teams start asking questions with each other. Archana asked Hima about the gossips she spread in the house. Hima revealed that she is not ready to reply to Archana's comment. 

09.39: Mohanlal now asks Archana about the problems he had with Anoop Chandran. Archana revealed that a silly matter had turned into a serious issue inside the house last week. Anoop Chandran told Mohanlal that Archana is very close to her. Mohanlal takes a break now. 

09.37: Sabumon later told that different people used to express their feelings in a different manner. Suresh revealed that he is such a person who expresses everything openly without any hesitation. 

09.31: Mohanlal lauded Shiyas for enacting the role of female last week with perfection. The Superstar now asks Anoop about the tiffs he had with the contestants. Anoop Chandran revealed that he and Sabu have no issues with each other. The 'Narasimham' actor now asks Suresh to sing a song which he composed about Mammootty. 

09.23: The final round of painting is now carried out by Shiyas and Suresh. Shiyas paints for the yellow team, while Suresh plays for the blue team. 

09.17: Bigg Boss assigns a new task to the housemates. The game authorities ask contestants to split into two groups; blue and yellow. The task is tailor-made to test the painting capability of the housemates. Contestants now move to the activity area. 

09.12: Anoop Chandran told Mohanlal that he felt sad when Aditi complained of inappropriate body touching. Aditi argued that things happening inside the house should be taken in that spirit. Shiyas started bursting out with a sea full of emotions when Mohanlal asked him to share his experiences. Mohanlal asked Shiyas about the thing which he is trying to prove while inside the house. 

09.09: Mohanlal now asks Suresh on his fish stealing habit. Suresh revealed that he has kept the fishes safe, and added that he has no stolen. 

09.06: Mohanlal asked Basheer why he has not nominated Aditi for captaincy. Basheer revealed that Aditi has once competed and failed in the captaincy contest. 

09.01: Mohanlal congratulated Srinish for being selected as the new captain in the house. Mohanlal teased Hima Shankar for playing Kabaddi in a very weird manner. Srinish revealed that he will conduct meetings once in a while with the housemates. Mohanlal argues that meetings are the main reason behind the tiffs inside the house. 

09.00: The much-awaited episode of Bigg Boss Malayalam begins. Mohanlal enters the floor, and reveals that the 11th week in the house has begun today. The Superstar reveals that elimination nominees might have packed their bags already. 

Mohanlal, the host of Bigg Boss Malayalam yesterday revealed that the much-anticipated elimination will be carried out on the Sunday's episode. Shiyas Kareem, Anoop Chandran, and Pearle Maaney are the three contestants who are now there in the nomination list, and Mohanlal will announce the name of the contestant from this list who will go out from the house this weekend.

Social media trends and the recent poll conducted by IB Times India reveals that Anoop Chandran is the most likely candidate who will go out of the house today. Anoop Chandran had recently engaged in some dirty clashes with housemates including Archana, and it might clearly reflect in the votes he amassed.

Yesterday, Mohanlal had asked Pearle Maaney whether her attitude inside the house is fake. He even went a step ahead and asked Pearle about the seriousness of her love towards serial actor Srinish. Even though Pearle is now in the bad light, she had a huge fan following in social media platforms, and it will surely help her to reach the safe zone with ease.

The most likely candidate to reach the safe zone this week is none other than Shiyas. With his bold attitude lazed with a tinge of stupidity, Shiyas has already garnered a decent fan following on social media platforms, which will surely help him to stay safe in Bigg Boss Malayalam elimination.

We will update the live happenings in Bigg Boss Malayalam elimination on this space at 09.00 PM. Stay tuned.