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A Screenshot from Bigg Boss: Hotstar

Ranjini Haridas and Sabumon Abdusamad successfully destroyed the head of the Ukranian man as a part of the luxury task in the Bigg Boss Malayalam August 15 episode. Following this, Mollywood film star Mukesh entered the house to find out the culprit behind the crime.

After interrogating all the contestants, Mukesh figured out that Sabumon is the criminal who destroyed the Ukranian man's head. Later, Ranjini Haridas also confessed to Mukesh that she is his partner-in-crime.

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After finding out the culprits, Mukesh delivered an Independence Day speech and gave out gifts to the contestants. The contestants had failed to protect the body of the Ukranian man following which Bigg Boss announced that they have failed in the luxury task.

Meanwhile, Bigg Boss contestants made 'Pookkalam' as a part of the Onam celebrations. It was captain Shiyas who showed utmost joy when the house got a chance to prepare Pookkalam.

Later, Aristo Suresh was seen sharing his agony over the problems he faces due to his relationship with Pearle Maaney. Even though Basheer tried to console Aristo Suresh, he started crying and informed him that he wished to get out of the house as soon as possible.

After some time, Suresh went to the confession room and asked Bigg Boss to eliminate him from the house. The 'Action Hero Biju' star told Bigg Boss that his mind is going out of control after he entered this house.

Suresh also added that people whom he loves are trying to cheat him. "I will become mad if I stay inside this house. I want to get out of this mess. Please help me Bigg Boss. You have helped me a lot in the past, and now, it is the most crucial time in my life," Suresh begged with tears rolling down his cheeks.

However, Bigg Boss refused to accept Suresh's demand. Bigg Boss tried to console Suresh by stating that he is being loved a lot by millions of viewers who are watching Bigg Boss. Upon repeated requests from Bigg Boss, Suresh finally agreed to stay inside the house.

Meanwhile, Hima informed Archana Suseelan that Ranjini Haridas and Sabumon Abdusamad are clever individuals who will do anything to win the Bigg Boss Malayalam title. Hima also added that she has a special affection towards Sabumon.