The much-awaited elimination in Bigg Boss Malayalam 3 will happen today or tomorrow. Mohanlal, the host of the show will appear in the weekend episodes, and he will announce the contestant who will be going out of the house this week. The contestants who were in the eviction process were Sai Vishnu, Anoop Krishnan, Majiziya Bhanu, Soorya, Dimpal Bhal, and Firoz-Sajna duo. 

Dimpal Bhal, Firoz-Sajna duo, and Sai Vishnu safe

According to the latest updates, Dimpal Bhal and Firoz-Sajna duo are safe in the elimination process, and these two popular contestants have amassed the maximum number of votes from the general public. Sai Vishnu, who earned several haters in the initial episodes of Bigg Boss Malayalam adopted a different kind of gameplay last week, and it has helped him to fetch a decent number of votes. 

Anoop Krishnan Majiziya Bhanu
Majiziya Bhanu (Left) Anoop Krishnan (Right)Disney Hotstar

On the other hand, Soorya is also expected to stay safe in the house due to her brewing romantic affair with Manikuttan. Even though Manikuttan has shown no positive signs to Soorya, the young actress is getting screen space for her melodramatic act inside the house. 

Anoop Krishna and Majisiya Bhanu in trouble

According to the latest voting trends, the two likely contestants who may go out of the house are serial actor Anoop Krishnan, and powerlifter Majisiya Bhanu. Anoop had a golden chance to become the captain of the house last week, but he adopted a different strategy and offered the captaincy to Ramzan Mohammed. Ramzan who also received the nomination card did not give it to Anoop this week, and this crucial flaw has negatively affected Anoop's run in Bigg Boss Malayalam 3

Majiziya Bhanu, from the very first day of the show, is playing the game under the shadow of Dimpal Bhal, and she has now earned a negative reputation for telling white lies inside the show. Last week, Mohanlal also lashed out at Majisziya for lying inside the house.