The seventh season of Bigg Boss Kannada is getting interesting with each passing day. With the show crossing half-way mark recently and 13 contestants locked inside the house, the battle for the coveted trophy with Rs 50 lakh prize has only intensified with no clear favourite winner at sight.

Who will be evicted in week 8 on Bigg Boss Kannada7?
This week, except for captain Raju Thalikote, all the 12 contestants like Chandan Achar, Shine Shetty, Priyanka, Chaithra Kottur, Raksha Somashekhar, Vasuki, Bhoomi Shetty,Deepika Das, Kuri Prathap, Harish Raj, Kishan, and Chandana are facing the elimination test.

Contestants in Safe Zone
Among the 12, Shine Shetty, Vasuki, Deepika Das, Priyanka and Kuri Prathap will be easily safe without a doubt. Not just good fan following, but their efforts have been consistent in and out the tasks. Further, they have given a lot of entertainment all these days in the show.

So, that leaves seven contestants in the danger zone. Chandan Achar, Kishan and Harish Raj have done well when it comes to the tasks, but their activities outside the tasks is the worry for them.

Kishan's flirts with the female contestants have not gone well with a section of the audience, while Chandan Achar is in the bad books of a section of viewers for constantly picking fights with the inmates. When it comes to Harish Raj, his neutral stands or play-safe strategy is not working in his favor.

Bigg Boss Kannada Elimination - Week 8
These are the 12 contestants who are facing elimination test on Sudeep-hosted Bigg Boss Kannada 7.PR Handout

Nonetheless, these three contestants are most likely to be safe this week. And Raksha Somashekhar, who got wild-card entry last week, deserves to be in the house. She has gelled well with the inmates in a matter of week and has come out well with a decent performance in the tasks. Now, we are left with Bhoomi Shetty, Chaithra Kottur and Chandana.

One Among the Three to be out of the show
Bhoomi Shetty has performed well in the physical tasks, which has helped her survive in the show. It is expected to benefit her this week as well. Whereas Chaithra Kottur has continued to be most-irritating contestant of the season.

After evicting in the fourth week, Chaithra Kottur was given a wild-card entry once again. She is apparently trying to unmask the real face of the contestants and tried to trigger fights. The writer-actress might get one week extension in Bigg Boss Kannada 7.

Coming to Chandana, she has not given a strong reason for her stay in the house. All these days, she mainly survived because of her good equations with the inmates. Even she could not impress the viewers after becoming a captain of a team in the luxury-budget task in the eight week.

Our prediction is that one among Chandana, Chaithra Kottur and Bhoomi Shetty might be out of the show this week with Chandana having higher chance of getting evicted from Kiccha Sudeep-hosted show.