Rashmika Mandanna Angry
Rashmika Mandanna speaks on missing Jersey remake.PR Handout

A lot has be said and read about Rashmika Mandanna losing opportunity to make her Bollywood debut with Jersey remake. It was widely-speculated that she demanded a huge remuneration forcing the makers to find an alternate face who fits the bill.

Now, the actress has given a clarity on the issue. Well, the Kirik Party girl has said that her packed dates forced her to turn down the offer, while rubbishing the rumours of her demanding a big pay-check.

"I don't know what a huge amount is. If a film doesn't work out, it's not only as if the male actor's film didn't work out. It's also the female actor's film that didn't work out. It affects us as much as it affects them. It's not about the money. It's about how much you put in," she is quoted as saying by a report in IANS, recently.

Rashmika Mandanna explains that she is working round the clock and she could not even take a short break in the last three years. In fact, she worked on a film without complaining two months back despite suffering from Dengue. Now, she has come to realisation that health is more important than anything in this world and not definitely money.

"Right now I am doing four films at once. I don't want to do this anymore. I want to do a maximum of one or two films at a time. I can give in a lot more and it makes sense. In a week if I get my Sundays off, I am not asking for a huge thing. I think my body needs that break," the 23-year old added.

Rashmika Mandanna says that she rejected Jersey as she was unsure of doing justice to the role. She says, "I am getting that opportunity because of the choices I have made till now. I don't think this choice is going to go bad. 'Jersey' needs a lot of you. It is almost realistic. Right now, only doing commercial films, I am going insane. Imagine doing something like 'Jersey' and not being able to pull it off."

Nani's Telugu movie Jersey had Shraddha Srinath playing the female lead. The heroine had a lot of scope for performance and it was a not a regular commercial flick.

She continues, "If I am a part of a film, it has to be because I need to give in to the film. I have to contribute to the film. It's not like I want to be the laid back in the film. I will not accept any film to which I feel I can't give a lot to.Jersey remake was huge. Anyone would do it but then I don't want to come to set and be all tired. I feel they (the film's makers) deserve more. Someone who can give in energy," she concludes.

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