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Akul Balaji, the winner of Bigg Boss Kannada season 2, has asked contestants entering the Bigg Boss Kannada 5 house to actively take part in all the activities and not to remain mute spectators to the things happening around them. 

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International Business Times, India, got in touch with a few celebrities who entered the last stage of Bigg Boss Kannada over the years, asking how the new contestants should prepare for the house and look to survive 100 days and more.

Here, we bring to you the interview of Akul Balaji, which is the second in the three-part series. Edited excerpts from the interview below:

What would you like to tell the inmates who are entering the Bigg Boss Kannada house this season?

It is a great opportunity because one in a million gets into the house. I advise them to enjoy every moment and task. Be yourself, this is the only thing that I would like to tell them. 

How do contestants prepare before entering the house?

What do u prepare? There is nothing as preparation. We'll not know what is going happen next moment in the show. People should go with an empty mind.

Would you like to give any tips to the new entrants?

Be part of everything. Never try to be a mute spectator to the things happening around saying that 'why should I bother about their issues or how will it affect me'. One should ask themselves whether they will avoid such situations if it was happening at their homes. Also, the contestants should not hesitate to take a stand without worrying whether we would be in the bad books of the inmates or the audience. People will differentiate between good and bad. 

What really matters a contestant to survive in the house for 100 days?

Firstly, Bigg Boss is not about earning a certification of goodness. The contestant should aim to impress the audience with their talent. People should give their 100 percent to any task given in the house. All that the audience want is entertainment. In the end, what matters is how well you have entertained the audience and how you have played the game.

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How difficult is it to stay in the house completely disconnected from the outside world?

Actually, it is very difficult. As a result, it is called the father of all reality shows. The house itself is a different world altogether. There are no updates about what's happening outside the house and contestants are clueless about their families. The challenge is how you fight the odds and prove your worth. 

It is like a chakravyuha and you should penetrate the formation step-by-step and break it to enter the last stage. The failed ones are eliminated.

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