Sudeep at the Bigg Boss Kannada 5 Press Meet
Sudeep at the Bigg Boss Kannada 5 Press Meet.Colors Kannada

A controversial video surrounding ex-Bigg Boss Kannada contestant Malavika and its director Parameshwara Gundkal was recently leaked online, sending shock waves through his fans. It was portrayed as if she was kissing him before closing the door of the secret room.

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The clip had raised two questions. Firstly about Malavika and Parameshwara's relationship and whether the show, as many try to believe, is scripted.

The Bigg Boss team comprising host Kiccha Sudeep, Parameshwara Gundkal, Vaishnavi HS, Programming Head of Colors Super and Deepak Dhar, MD and Chief Executive Officer of Endemol Shine India, held a press conference on Thursday, October 12, and answered all the queries.

The first and the most interesting question was pertaining to the controversy and here we bring to you the complete text of Sudeep, who stepped in to give a complete clarity to the issue:

I know Param and Malavika for a long time. If there is a problem, either Avinash or Param's wife should have it....I am going to talk on behalf of Param. His responsibility goes to every contestant. He has the responsibility to inject confidence to everyone although he may not know who's going to win.

Malavika has earned a lot in the society as an artist and a politician. When she was onboard she was quite apprehensive about being part of the show...during the course, Avinash requested me to send her out of the show. But I am not at all into this – asking someone to be eliminated or retaining a contestant. I had a word with Param. But the truth is we cannot send anyone out until they are eliminated by the audience.

Param is the one person who drops the contestants into the secret room. For those who are aware of the geography of the house, it is a long way and contestants are blindfolded even as they are taken into the secret room. There are many people working around who can give away information to the contestants - like they can reveal about the stats, the mood of the audience, etc. So Param himself drops the contestants. 

Malavika did ask a few questions and he told her 'You need not worry and I am there.' When you are a director you know where the cameras are. He knows he has a mike and if he had wanted he would have deleted the video. He has the authority to delete the clip. But he did not which only proves that he is innocent.

I will never be part of something really wrong. If I see something is fishy I am not going to be part of it and money is not the only criteria for me at all.

If you assume that the show is scripted then Malavika should have won the game and someone else would have won the first season if we were having control over the voting procedure.

If the intention was to kiss they would have done it behind closed doors. They too know that cameras are around them. I understand your concerns whether the viewers will have faith after the video surfaced online.

But I tell you that it all depends on your perspective. I feel the world is not as bad as we try to imagine. You will be surprised about what he (Param) is failing to say that he was blackmailed to pay money failing which the video would be leaked online.

He would have solved the issue by paying money if he had done something wrong. I feel if we are wrong in life don't you think we will be elsewhere. Truth cannot be hidden forever.

I am taking on behalf of Param not because of the show. He is a good guy. There is no need for me to come to his rescue. I would have played safe and left the issue to them to handle. But my conscience does not permit me to do it as I want to stand by the truth.

Malavika is a beautiful lady. She is somebody's wife and Param is somebody's husband. More than anything else, they are fabulous human being.

Nothing is wrong here. I love the way this gentleman whoever has released it - the last year's clip now. I want to thank him for the extra publicity that he has given to the show. And this one season will tell you whether the people will believe us or not.

Time will speak everything. But I want to tell one small thing. I know a very good human on this earth and I have known him from the day I have started my career. It is none other than Avinash.

Our questions should not hurt this great guy. He and his family deserve happiness and they need little more respect. That is all I have to say. If I have spoken anything wrong forgive me for that.

Sudeep in Bigg Boss Kannada 5
Sudeep in Bigg Boss Kannada 5.Colors Kannada