Day 85 of "Bigg Boss 9" started with Rochelle Rao apologising to Priya Malik for hiding her stole. While Priya accepted her apology, she refused to forgive Mandana when the latter asked for an apology as well.

Later, Bigg Boss announced the "road to finale" task wherein inverted pyramid funnels were placed in the garden area, filled with 400kgs of sand. 

As per the rule of the task, each contestants had to safeguard their respective funnels from falling until the end of the task. The contenders were allowed to attack and empty their rivals' funnel. At the end of the task, three contestants with most quantity of sand left in their funnels will move to the next level of the "road to finale" task.

Keith Sequeira, who has been nominated for elimination for the rest of the season, was appointed as the moderator.

As the task progressed, all the contenders targeted Mandana's funnel, claiming that Mandana doesn't deserve to be in the race. Furious at the housemates, Mandana broke the lever of Rochelle's funnel, resulting in sand flowing off from it.

Soon, Priya became the next target of the housemates and in the turmoil; Priya twisted Mandana's hand. Mandana complained about Priya getting physical in the task.

When the task came to an end for the day, Kishwer Merchantt warned Mandana that she will not leave any opportunity to get her out of the game as Mandana doesn't deserve to win the show.

Even Prince Narula and Priya got into an argument; he challenged her that she will see the real Prince the next day.

It appears like Prince as well as other housemates kept their promise as the prelude of the next episode saw them getting violent during the task.