Day 85 of "Bigg Boss 9" started with a huge argument between two of its housemates as Priya Malik made a comment about Mandana Karimi's boyfriend Gaurav. Priya said that even Gaurav was not proud of Mandana's actions inside the house.

This irked Mandana, who said that Priya has no right to talk ill about her family. Priya defended herself by saying that it was Rochelle, who had overheard her conversation with her boyfriend over the phone. Rochelle intervened in the argument and said that she was joking.

Priya even dragged Keith Sequeira into the argument and claimed that he was also present when Rochelle told them about Mandana's boyfriend.

Later, Rochelle told Keith that it was unfair on his part to not take a stand for her when Priya was accusing her. Although Keith apologised to his girlfriend saying that he misunderstood the conversation, Rochelle was in no mood to forgive him.

In the afternoon, Bigg Boss announced about open nominations, wherein each of the housemates had to write the name of the contestant they wish to nominate in a football placed in the garden area and throw it out of the Bigg Boss house. The Bigg Boss gate was kept open for the task.

Keith, Rochelle, Kishwer Merchantt, Priya and Rishabh Sinha have been nominated for elimination this week, while Prince Narula and Mandana Karimi are safe.

However, it appears like there will be no elimination as the voting lines are closed for this week.

With seven contestants inside the house and no elimination this week, one can't help but wonder if there will be double eviction next week, considering that only three weeks are left for the grand finale (24 January).